Tuesday, August 26, 2014

16 Months!

Another month has flown by and Porter is 16 months old now! 
(Side note: Jared will not let the boys wear this outfit because the last time Paxton wore it he was mistaken for a girl three times in about 10 minutes...but I like it...)
The biggest change this month is that Porter is walking! One day he was maybe taking two steps, the next day he was literally walking across the living room. He LOVES it and it is impossible to keep him contained. He still can't stand up without pulling up so he walks until he trips then crawls to the nearest wall or furniture and pulls up. He walks with his hands up by his shoulders (Jared likes to say he's showing his muscles) and he always has the biggest smile. It's adorable and my favorite thing. 
His vocabulary just keeps expanding. I would guess he has about 25 words now. His newest words are "dooce" (juice), "ju ju" (choo choo), and "I yuh yuh" (I love you). He randomly says "hey" to people when we're out in public which goes right along with his brother saying "hi guys" to random people. 
He is turning into a little stinker. He loves to head for the stairs and try to climb them whenever the baby gate is down, he gets the remote and pauses whatever show someone is watching, he pushes things off the coffee table...he always gets his ornery little smirk and takes off for whatever activity he knows he shouldn't be doing. 
He is also a really big helper. We always make Paxton take his plate to the sink when he is done eating and lately, Porter has been taking his too without us even asking. He waddles over to the sink with his plate and stretches up as high as he can and then throws it...it usually just bounces right back out. He cleans up the toys when we ask him to and sometimes when we don't. A lot of times he will follow the other babies at our play group around and clean up after them. If we give him a rag, he'll wipe off the table or his face. He is also really good at bringing us specific things that we ask for (like his socks from across the room). 
He's still a little cuddler and walks over to me multiple times a day and says "up" for some snuggles. He likes to give kisses too. 
He loves being read to and brings me books all day long. He loves cars, tools, Paxton's tent, his farm animals, sliding and anything Paxton is playing with. The only thing he doesn't like is getting in trouble. 
His little feet have finally grown and he is fitting into the shoes Paxton wore at 12 months. He is quickly growing out of his 12-18 month clothes. 
Porter is at my favorite stage right now. I love watching him learn to walk and realize that he's doing something awesome. 

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