Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paxton's Second Birthday!

 We decided to do a Mickey Mouse theme for Paxton's party this year since he is obsessed with Mickey.  It was hard to find Mickey-themed things that weren't too cartoony, so we went with a lot of red, black and yellow.

I made a monthly photo banner again because I loved it so much last year:
 And my sweet friend Tabatha made a Mickey banner to hang up when guests walked in:

 I made some chocolate Mickey cupcakes:

 And we put out a bunch of Paxton's favorite foods.  We had Mickey-shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches:
 And blueberries and strawberries and Cheetoh Puffs.

 Tabatha also made this Paxton banner:

 Here is all the food--Butter Pecan cupcakes, chocolate Mickey cupcakes, Cinnamon Roll cupcakes, chocolate cake balls, sandwiches, fruit and Cheetohs.
The Thompson's were the first to arrive and Paxton was excited to see Blakely when he woke up from his nap.

The party was supposed to be in the back yard, which would have been great for the amount of people that came, but the forecast kept changing in the days leading up to the party and it ended up being cold and drizzly so we had to stay inside.

After everyone arrived, we headed to the kitchen to sing Happy BIrthday to Paxton.  As soon as the candle was lit, he started singing Happy Birthday to himself.  He was really excited when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.  He just smiled and looked at everyone the whole time.

 When the song was over, he knew it was time to blow out the candle:

blowing the candle out
 And then eat his cupcake:

Paxton was finally big enough to open his own presents this year!

He got lots of fun presents...some that he wanted to open and play with right away.

Like this truck from Addi Claire that he and Blakely played with together:
(this one is for their wedding slide show)

 And his new Pillow Pet, Boomer:

Pax and Granny V
After presents, we just let the kids play together.
Pax and Addi Claire
 One of Paxton's favorite presents was his circus tent from Blakely.  He loves going in and out of it:

He also loved his Kawasaki from Grandpa.  We have to watch him carefully on this because he definitely tries some XGames style stunts.
Paxton ended his party with a good-bye kiss for Blakely:
Even though the weather didn't work out for us and our living room was really crowded, it was still really special to have so many people there to celebrate our little boy.  He had a great time at his party this year and loved seeing everyone.

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  1. I love the theme and all your decorations - so may cute details! I love the banner and Paxton's shirt. Nice job!