Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby 2

Well, it's happening. Baby #2 is officially scheduled. I went to the doctor today expecting another routine blood pressure check and hearing the sweet heart beat and got way more than I bargained for.

I had to bring Pax today and I knew it wasn't going to be perfect when he started crying in the waiting room...before my appointment even started. I gave him some snacks and Scout and hoped for the best. We went back to the exam room where the nurse mentioned that Dr. Lewis would be checking me today. Umm what? I was POSITIVE that when I asked last time they said they started checking at 36 weeks which is still 7 whole days away. Then, as I laid back on the table for her to listen to P2's heart beat, Pax lost it. We're talking level 10 freak out mode. He threw everything he could get his hands on and was literally screaming. I tried to talk to him and sing to him and turn on Mickey but he was hysterical. The nurse was not so friendly about my situation and threw the sheet down on the table and walked out without a word. I quickly called my mom, who works a mile away, to come watch Pax for the rest of the appointment. Fortunately, she made it before the doctor came in.

She gave me my Group B strep test and checked me. I was already a fingertip dilated which freaked me out a little. With Pax, nothing happened until I think 38 weeks. She asked if I wanted to be induced since I had to be induced with Pax and since my blood pressure still isn't ideal. I said I did. I liked the idea of going into labor this time just to see what it was like, but with needing someone to watch Pax and the fear of thinking I was in labor and going to the hospital and getting sent home, I decided that induction would be just fine. When she found out that Pax was 9 pounds the day after his due date, she suggested we get things going at 39 weeks. That sounded pretty good to me so we scheduled the induction for April 25. Holy crap. That means P2 will be here in 28 days. We have 4 more weekends to get EVERYTHING ready! It's weird because we knew this was's only a few days sooner than what we were expecting, but having an actual date set made things seem so real...and imminent! We're having a BABY in less than a month!!

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  1. Oh, exciting! And boo on the nurse for being rude about Paxton! They should know that sometimes you have to bring your toddler.

  2. I hate that the nurse was so rude. It's not like you're the first person to bring along another child to the appointment. That's frustrating.

    But yay for a healthy baby! You're right about setting the date- It definitely makes it more real. Can't wait to meet that sweet boy in less than a month!!