Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Thanks for always sharing my food when I don't want any more. Thanks for feeding me snacks and acting like you like it when I share my bites with you.

Thanks for cuddling me when I'm sleepy or don't feel good. I know I don't cuddle as much as you want me to but I like that you're always there for me when I'm ready.

Thanks for reading me the same books over and over again. You're so patient with me when I ask you "what's this?" about pretty much every picture we come to.

Thanks for always wrestling me and playing catch with me. I'm glad I have someone to teach me how to tackle. Thanks for never getting tired of playing with me.

Thanks for dressing up with me for Halloween and sharing all my candy so I didn't get sick.

Thanks for teaching me fun things like drumming and making dinosaur screech noises. I like when we try to annoy Mommy together.

Thanks for chasing me around all the time. I like when you crawl after me growling. I don't even get scared when you put scary masks on cuz I know you'll never hurt me.

Thanks for always taking me to the park and other fun places. You made me like sliding. I like when I get to hang out with you.

Thanks for teaching me how to walk. I know you will never let me fall. Now that I'm bigger, thanks for letting me walk on my own sometimes.

Thanks for all your hugs and kisses. Sometimes your beard tickles me but I still love you a lot.

Thanks for making up fun games to play with me like fuzzy feet. You make me laugh more than anyone else.

Most of all, thank you for being my Daddy. You are the perfect one for me. As I'm getting bigger, I'm starting to see how lucky I am to have such a sweet, fun and patient daddy like you. And thank you for being so good to Mommy. I love you more and more each day and I want to grow up to have strong arms like you and to be just like you. I don't think I want to share you with my little brother.
I hope you have a happy birthday and let me have a lot of your cake.
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  1. That was adorable!! My favorite was the "I like when we try to annoy mommy together." Haha that is SO my life!