Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Lately

So in a crazy collection of iPhone pictures with and without some neat editing courtesy of instagram, here is what we've been up to lately:

Our house is a rental. We decided to go that route because we didn't want to buy a house as we were adding a family member and adjusting to one income. We wanted to see how much he would really cost (a lot), make sure I would be happy staying at home (I can't imagine not doing it now), and how we would do with our budget (pretty good...) before we made the leap. Plus we were terrified of being responsible for a whole house. I think bringing a baby home here and watching him go from a newborn to a sitter to a crawler to a stander made us a little (a lot) emotionally attached to the house and now we're in the process of buying it.

So...on a very tiny budget (free), I decided to paint the kitchen. We already had the paint from Paxton's dresser, and I borrowed some supplies from my mom. I undertook this project with almost no planning, but something had to be done. The previous tenant had some kind of syrup fight which left brown sticky stuff all over the walls. It was impossible to get off (when Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can't remove a stain, it's for real). See?

Gross. Here is the area above the stove (where it was the grossest) before:

And after:

And the sink area before (complete with a sink-full of dirty dishes cuz this is real life):

And after:

(please ignore the ugly cabinets)
At least the syrup is gone.

Meanwhile, my baby is turning into a toddler. How did he get big enough to sit on his knees to play?

We made him a fort out of a cardboard box...he played in it for exactly the length of time it took to take this picture and has not revisited it since (unless you count the few times he has shoved it out of his way to try to get into the bathroom at lightning speed).

This didn't last long, but he looks about seven to me here laying on his Pillow Pet and watching We're Back:

And today we went for a long walk on the trails at Hafer Park. The weather was amazing. Paxton loves being outside...

...but is completely weirded out by grass.

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