Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Vacation

This weekend, we headed south for a little family vacation. It was Paxton's first hotel stay. We were a little nervous about how he would do, but we were so excited to see our besties, Ryan and Tab and be there for Blakely's baby shower.
We started off with a stop in Moore at Chicken Express. For some reason, Pax wasn't as obsessed with the biscuits as his mommy and daddy. He did go nuts for the sweet tea though...(yep, we let that happen).

We were expecting to get to our hotel a little after 10:00 but hit some traffic (at 9:00? In Marietta, OK?) because of construction. Paxton did awesome. He fussed a tiny bit but slept and played off and on the whole time. We finally got there at 11:20 and Paxton was ready to play. He talked in his pack and play until 12:40 in the morning!!

I was so nervous about how he would do the next morning at the shower...especially since it was during his usual nap.
Jared and Ryan met up for some guy time while Paxton, Tabatha and I hit the shower. There were four other babies there (girls) and Paxton loved looking at them. He really liked Tab's niece, Holli. She looked like an adorable little Cabbage Patch doll...but we already have an arranged marriage set up with Paxton and Blakely and we don't wanna cause cousin drama.
While Tabatha opened presents, Paxton got lots of food. I think eating is what kept him happy. Then, this little seven month old got to play with Paxton:

She loved him. She kept grabbing his hair and his feet and his face. He looked so big compared to her! Paxton was so outgoing at the shower, he was smiling at everyone and pulling up on chairs right next to people. He was also kind of a mess. He thought some of Blakely's presents were for him.

After the shower, we changed Pax into his first St. Patrick's Day outfit. We played for awhile. Paxton is such a little boy right now, he gets so rambunctious and just wants to wrestle sometimes. We would out him on the bed and he would get up on his knees and throw himself backwards. He got a few head bumps on the headboard but it didn't slow him down at all. He also stood on his own for the first time. I have been holding his hands and then letting go and he will stay standing for awhile, but this time he pulled up on his pack and play and let go!

We went to Dave and Buster's for dinner with Ryan and Tabatha. Paxton got his first kid's meal. I had his plate over by me and I was tearing little pieces off his grilled cheese and giving them to him, but he kept reaching over and sneaking fries off his plate.
When we got back to the hotel, he was ready to play and ended up staying up til 11:00.
In the morning we let him play for a little while since he would have a long day in the car. We met Granny V and Aunt Teri and Jared's cousins Caleb and Jessica in Hurst for lunch. Paxton ended up eating every meal with us and never ate his baby food.

After lunch, we hit the road and Paxton slept the entire way home. We kept expecting him to wake up and he just didn't.

After we unloaded, we went to Lowe's and got some flowers for our flower beds. We did tons of yard work to get ready to plant, but then Jared checked the weather and saw that we might get hail tonight, so we decided to hold off. Two years ago, we spent a ton of money on flowers and it hailed the next day and killed everything. We don't want to repeat that so we're going to wait.
We kept trying to feed Paxton baby food and formula for dinner but he didn't want anything to do with it. Apparently we spoiled him this weekend with all the table food. When we sat down with our dinner, he went crazy and wanted some. So, he had table food for dinner. I hope we're not done with baby food because we still have a lot...and I'm not ready to feed him straight grown up food.
We had such a fun weekend and couldn't believe how good Paxton handled it. He was completely off his routine and got a lot less sleep, but he was happy and playful the whole time. We were so glad we got to spend time with our friends and celebrate baby Blakely.
I can't believe next weekend's blog post will be about my baby turning into a toddler.
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  1. It was great seeing you guys this past weekend and Paxton was a real joy! He has grown up so fast and I can't believe he's going to be ONE any day. BIG hugs to you all and I hope you guys have a wonderful birthday weekend.