Thursday, March 22, 2012


This day seemed so far away when I started these monthly update posts...and even when he hit seven months I remember thinking I had such a long time. Well, it's here. It came fast. Paxton went to bed a baby and woke up a toddler.

At ONE YEAR Paxton is:

-pulling up on everything and sometimes letting go for a second. He is more cautious about standing and walking than he is about other things (like crawling off the end of the bed).

-big boy crawling (aka normal crawling) most of the time now. Every once in awhile he drops to his tummy for some army crawling, but I would say he crawls normally about 75% of the time now.

-loving playing in the toilet. We try really hard to keep the doors shut and the lid down, but it's hard! And as soon as we leave a door open, Pax's bathroom radar goes off and he's in there at lightning speed. We have been through a lot of shirts, hand sanitizer and wipes lately. At least he leaves the toilet paper alone.

-trying to talk a lot. He still says "dada", "uh-oh", and "banana" and sometimes "hi" really clearly. He also says doggie and outside sometimes...but I'm probably the only one who understands those. He said "duck" to his stuffed duck once but hasn't repeated it. He is constantly crawling around saying something like "I did it". I don't think that's what he's saying but it sure does sound like it. He understands no now but doesn't always obey. He will give kisses, high fives and mimic coughing and nose blowing. If he hears someone laugh, he will fake laugh back, and if you're not paying enough attention to him, he will fake laugh loudly. He and Jared growl back and forth all the time, and he also still makes that crazy dinosaur noise.

-loving bath time still. He is really active in there and is constantly trying to pull up to knock things off the ledge. He also crawls around in there and will put his mouth in the water and take a drink. When I dump water in front of him, he leans forward and drinks it like it's a hose. He still splashes a lot.

-sleeping a ton. I don't know if daylight savings threw him off or if he's going through a growth spurt, but his sleeping has increased a lot. He goes to bed around 9:00 and sleeps til 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. He takes a nap from 11-1 most days but is ok if he skips it. He also still takes a nap from 3-5. He used to be a little fussy in the evenings, but that has stopped. He is usually happy until about 8:30.

-wanting to eat almost completely table food. I switched him to milk yesterday because he hasn't been drinking formula very well and he did a little better but not much. He takes a few drinks and then throws it down. If he doesn't like something he will spit it out, grab it, and throw it on the ground. He's a little bit dramatic. He has gotten pickier in the last few days and hasn't been loving bread. Shredded chicken is one of his favorites right now (second to bananas of course). He also likes cut up grapes, broccoli and pasta.

-wearing 12-18 month clothes. We got him two summer outfits from Target that are 18 months and the shorts are a little long but they fit. He has moved up to size 4 shoes and diapers. He is still in his 12 month pajamas with a few 18 month pairs from Baby Gap thrown in.

-still showing a preference for the same toys he's loved best for awhile now: his car that drives on its own, the construction site, all balls and his piano walker from Grandpa Mark. He has also started loving his Little Smart Driver, his stacking rings and the singing cookie jar he got for Christmas. We'll see how that changes with some new birthday toys.

The What to Expect book said he should be using gestures to show what he wants. I guess that's what he's doing when he pulls up to the baby gate in the kitchen doorway and rattles it with all his strength and squeals. He's using gestures to communicate he's ready to eat.

It has been such an amazing year. We have made it through the night feedings, the switch to formula, the rotavirus reaction and a few other sicknesses, several head bumps and falls, a scary choking incident where my previous lifeguarding experience came back to save the day, road trips, and the desire for independence. We are so lucky to be this little boy's parents. I know this next year will come with a whole new set of challenges, fears and excitement. All I can say is that I promise to love him more every day.

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