Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tulsa Trip!

When Jared found out he was off work for MLK Day, we knew we needed to plan a little getaway over the long weekend. We're trying to do as many fun activities as we can before April because we have no idea how the adjustment to three will go. Paxton voted for Dallas because he wanted to go to IKEA, but we decided that we wanted to stick a little closer to home and just go overnight. We decided on Tulsa. We have been wanting to take both boys to the aquarium for months now, ever since we saw how obsessed they both were with the fish room at the zoo. 

Jared got off a little early on Friday and we had the car loaded and ready for him. We got to the hotel with time to spare before dinner. The boys love playing in hotel rooms so we let them burn some energy. When we started getting hungry, we found a diner close to our hotel. 
The boys had gigantic pancakes for dinner. The waitress said that she had seen grown men not be able to finish them, but Paxton was done and asking for more in record time. Porter made a pretty significant dent in his too. 

We headed back to the hotel for showers and a movie. The boys are loving Wreck-It Ralph right now and it happened to be on TV so we stuck with that. Porter thinks he's too big for the pack and play now that he sleeps in a big boy bed, but I wasn't quite ready to put him in the giant queen-sized bed with Pax, so we brought the blow-up mattress and it's a good thing we did! After the boys had been asleep for about 30 minutes, I got up to get ready for bed. I walked past Porter's mattress to check on him and had a brief moment of panic because he wasn't in it! I found him curled up on the floor at the head of the bed. I tucked him back in and when I came back from getting ready for bed, he was gone again! This time I almost stepped on him because he was on the floor next to our bed! I tucked him back in, but he spent the entire night rolling around the disgusting hotel floor...

The next morning, Paxton requested breakfast at the hotel restaurant so that's what we did. 

Then it was time for the aquarium! They loved the part where they could reach in and touch the fish. 
And this tank was awesome. It had huge fish in it and a little tunnel underneath that kids could climb in and then pop up "inside" the tank. Paxton thought it was the coolest thing ever and we were cracking up at Paxton in there with the fish. 
They were most excited for the shark tunnel so we spent a lot of time running through that, and right outside was a photographer taking pictures of people and then putting them on different backgrounds. Pax saw some people get put in front of a shark's mouth and insisted that we had to do it. 
Then they wanted to touch the fish again. Paxton hadn't worked up the courage to touch the shrimp or the horseshoe crab and he wanted me to touch it first...I tried Jared's strategy of reaching in close to it but he wasn't falling for it this time. Finally, a little girl showed him that it was fine and he was so proud of himself when he reached in.  
We visited the gift shop and let the boys pick a souvenir. They both picked matching scuba diver bath toys and were so happy...until Porter spotted a helicopter candy dispenser. Since it didn't have a fish theme, we tried to talk him into the scuba diver but he wanted BOTH! We had to make a quick exit but he's totally happy with his scuba guy now. 
We stopped at Louie's for lunch and then headed home. We had some tired boys. 

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