Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Preparations

Our Chriamtas preparations this year started the week before Thanksgiving. Since Paxton had been asking for the tree and decorations since Halloween, we gave in a little earlier than usual. As soon as trees were out at Lowe's, we loaded up and headed there to pick one out. We found the perfect one and the boys thought it was awesome that we brought it home on the roof of the car. 
We decorated it and the rest of the house immediately. Paxton actually helped hang up ornaments for the first time this year while Porter mostly just stuck balls into the branches. 
Jared and I got all dressed up and went to his work Christmas party. 
The boys slept in Santa hats almost every single time they wore their Santa jammies. 
One weekend, we loaded up in the van with Justin and Jessie and chocolate chip cookies and headed to Yukon to look at the lights there. The boys thought it was awesome and they were right! 
We baked and decorated peppermint sugar cookies for our annual Cookie Night with Gramsy and the aunts. 
I made the boys matching reindeer shirts and we went to see Santa. This was our first year with no tears and both boys actually asked Santa for what they wanted...pirate ships. 
Paxton had his own special version of "big smile" in the cousin picture...
Paxton had his first school "winter party" and had a blast introducing Porter to all his friends and teachers. 
Paxton was really excited about Chrismtas light night. We got hot chocolate and drove around and looked at lights while we listened to Christmas music. It was a perfect family night. 
We have also been watching Christmas movies on repeat. Paxton is obsessed with Home Alone this year since we told him it's the movie about the boy who looks like him. He seriously watches it almost every day. Porter has been loving Frosty and the Grinch and has started singing Christmas songs...he loves bursting into Jingle Bells as we shop at Target and I think it's adorable. He also likes to sing Frosty and Okd Toy Trains. The boys have been wearing Christmas pajamas almost every night. 
Granny V took them to pick out Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby and after almost picking a pink convertible, Paxton ended up with an RV hauling a Christmas tree and Porter picked out a Thomas the Train ornament.

Gramsy wrapped the boys a bunch of new Christmas books and they have been opening one each day and we have been reading those on a daily basis. 

It has been a really fun December this year. I love how excited they both are about Christmas and all the activities we do. Paxton remembered things from last year, so that has been neat too. 

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