Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Christmas was so much fun this year! The boys were so excited about every single part of it and it was really neat to watch! 

Christmas at Granny V's:
We always celebrate a few days early with Granny V so everyone is available and has plenty of time. This year we decided on the Sunday before Christmas. I had the boys' reindeer skirts all ready to wear, but Paxton insisted on them both wearing their Santa jammies. How could we say no?
We ate dinner first: ham, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls and green beans. Then it was time for presents! Paxton got a new remote-controlled car he was very excited about (but then very disappointed when it didn't work). Luckily Granny V is excellent with receipts and took Pax to exchange it the next day. 
Porter was excited about every single thing he opened. This was the first year that Pax wasn't really feeling the clothes and it was pretty obvious, but Porter exclaimed over every single thing he pulled out. 
Granny V got all three boys matching jammies and Paxton was so excited. He loves matching Porter and couldn't even believe he was going to get to match the baby when he's born too!
They also got matching Spider-Man umbrellas which were a giant hit. 

Christmas Eve:

Our first stop on Christmas Eve was Grandpa Mark's house. We had lunch first while we waited for everyone to get there, and then it was time for presents!

Paxton and Porter got to help pass them out and were so excited to watch their piles grow. 
Their favorite thing was this track from Grandpa Mark and Stephanie with battery-powered light-up cars. They each got a set but combined them to make one super track! 
Paxton also got a Thomas train set, a remote-controlled Jeep, an OU hoodie and a monster truck set. He loved it all. Porter got a giant play-with-me Elmo, a shirt with a tie (now he says he can go to work with Daddy), Darth Vader jammies and some Duplos. He was obsessed with all of it! 

That night, we got ready and went to Papaw's house.
We had some snacks and played a few games. The boys played the piano with Aunt Linda. Then it was time for the part Paxton was most excited about: Dirty Santa with snacks! He was disappointed when he didn't open the oatmeal cream pies that he had brought but was quickly content when he saw that Porter had reclaimed his bag of Cheetoh Puffs. After the game, the boys played outside with Regan and Emma for a little while and then it was time to go home and get ready for Santa! 

Christmas Day: 
I was so excited for Christmas Day! I love the whole doing Santa thing and seeing the boys with their presents is just completely magical. Both boys had asked Santa for pirate ships and they both had pirate ships waiting for them on Christmas morning! Paxton's was a Playmobil ship and Porter's was a Fisher Price ship and they played with them for probably 20 solid minutes before we reminded them that they had stockings and other presents to open. 
Santa also brought a Marble Run to share which was a hit!
We got the boys each a sleeping bag and a Kindle Fire and Porter got a Playmobil fire truck and a mom with a stroller, a set of Paw Patrol pups, and some Mickey Duplos that he picked out at the Lego store. Paxton got a Playmobil jet, a set of policeman Duplos that he picked out at the Lego store. 
After we finished opening family presents, we cleaned up while the boys played with their pirate ships. Then Gramsy and the aunts came over for breakfast and more presents!
We ate cinnamon rolls, powdered donuts, and breakfast casserole. Then we opened presents for hours. We had ham and some snack food for lunch and just hung out all day. We had a blast!

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