Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Jared and I made plans to spend Memorial Day Weekend at the lake weeks ago. However, as Friday got closer and the chances of rains kept increasing, we decided to scrap it and spend the weekend at home. 

Friday evening was gray and rainy. It seemed like a good night for fried chicken. Jared and I had been talking about how sad it was that I had never been to the Oklahoma fried chicken when'd, Eischen's. We loaded up the boys and drove 40 minutes on back country roads to Okarche. 
Porter was a huge fan. He loved the fried okra and the chicken. Especially since there was ketchup involved. 
Paxton was offended that the "tator tots" he had been craving had green things inside (they were okra) and he wasn't feeling chicken...but he got a souvenir cup and ate goldfish and raisins so he was happy. 
Saturday was another gray and rainy day...in fact, that was the theme of the entire weekend. Jared brought home some donuts and we let the boys go outside and splash in the puddles during a break in the rain. 
During naptime, Gramsy and the aunts came over. Maesynne brought her new Wii so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing games, talking and eating cookies. As dinner time rolled around, we flipped on the weather and found out that we were under a tornado watch and a flash flood watch. The news started showing all the roads around us that were flooded so we decided that ordering pizza was the way to go. 

Sunday was another drizzly day. Jared brought in his trombone and let the boys try it out. He amused them with jet noises and car sounds and played them Boomer Sooner. 
We were planning on cooking out for dinner, but once again the weather ruined our plans. We opted for fast food and letting the boys burn some energy by splashing in puddles again. 

By Monday we had to get out of the house. We invited Granny V and Aunt Madi to the Omniplex to play. We stopped for lunch first at Chick-Fil-a and to the boys' absolute excitement, the cow was there! Lots of high fives and a few leg hugs followed. 
We wrapped up the holiday with grocery shopping and a family walk. 
Usually Memorial Day Weekend feels like a start to summer and we put the pool up and spend the whole weekend outside, so this didn't really feel like MDW, but we got to hang out as a family and the boys said they had fun playing outside in the puddles, so we'll call it a win. We'll still be keeping our fingers crossed that next year is sunny. 

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