Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Weekend Away With Paxton

With a weekend full of graduations and an already-planned trip to Tecas for Blakely's birthday, Jared and I decided to try something different. Instead of rushing around to everything and not getting to spend quality time anywhere, we thought it would be easier to divide and conquer. Jared would keep Porter (who had hurt his leg) at home to go to the two graduations we needed to go to and Paxton and I would head south. 

It was my first time to make a trip like this without Jared, but since Dallas is only 3 hours, I knew it would be fine. After a family breakfast together, Paxton and I loaded the car and hit the road. He was a great travel companion (except for how many times he asked me if we were in Texaa yet) and we made it with only one bathroom stop. 
The thing Paxton was most excited about was the pool. We thought it was an indoor pool which would have been perfect for the 75 degree, partly cloudy day, but it was an outdoor pool. 
We swam for a little while and when we couldn't take it anymore, we went back to our room to change. 

Blakely and Tabatha wanted to meet us for dinner so we headed to Chick-Fil-A. After dinner and ice cream, the kids had a lot of energy so we went to a nearby park to burn some of it. Paxton was ecstatic when he saw that it had a splash pad!
They played together for almost three hours. It was so nice only having one kid at the park. I could just follow him around and help him when he needed it and let him play independently when he wanted to and just TALK to Tabatha. The uninterrupted conversations we have had since having kids are few and far between. 

As the sun went down, we realized we needed to get the kids to bed. Paxton hadn't had a nap and after the pool, the splash pad, the park and a warm bath, he was out in seconds. 

The next morning, Paxton came running over to my bed as soon as his eyes opened and asked "how did you sleep? Did you have a dream?"
We got ready and headed to the donut shop a few blocks from the hotel. 
After checking out, we had some time to kill before Blakely's party so we went to IKEA. Paxton was having a blast checking out all the rooms they had set up and seeing what was in the refrigerators and cabinets. He picked out a bunk bed and said if we could buy it, he would let Porter sleep on top. 
After we finished shopping, it was time for the party! It was at Blakely's gymnastics place and it was a blast!
Paxton thought the rope swing was the coolest thing ever and probably had me swing him into the pit 36 times. 
After the party, we got in the car and headed back north to reunite with Porter and Jared. We were all really happy to be back together. 
Paxton and I had a blast together and it really made me realize how big he is getting. He and I just talked about stuff and I never had to get onto him. He really flourished with the one-on-one attention and I could tell it carried over the next few days at home. He was respectful and he listened well. I'm really glad we got to do it. 

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