Friday, May 15, 2015

2 & 4-year check-ups

Since Paxton and Porter have birthdays only a month apart, I decided to combine their yearly check-ups. I was fully expecting it to be a circus and it kind of was...but we all left with limbs intact and nothing destroyed in the office. 
Paxton was big enough to answer the doctor's questions by himself. She asked him what fruits he liked and he listed "strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, oranges and apples", then she asked him what veggies he liked and he got a big fake smile on his face and said "veggies are yummy!" She asked him if he liked green beans or corn and he said "I like corn dogs"....needless to say she had a little talk with him about the importance of eating his veggies. Then she asked him if he ever drank Sprite or Dr. Pepper or Root Beer and instead of saying "Never!" he said "Daddy drinks beer at night!" I'm sure he was thinking of the Root Beer that Jared hadet Pax have a sip of the night before but that's not how it came out...
Porter decided not to show off for the doctor and just talked like a baby whenever she asked him questions. 
Paxton was 38.2 pounds which put him in the 65th percentile and 3'5" tall which put him in the 60th percentile. 

Porter was 29 pounds which put him in the 62nd percentile and at first measurement was 32 inches (15th percentile) but the doctor re-measured and he was actually 34.5 inches which catapulted him up to the 50th percentile. I was so excited because at 18 months he was only in the 25th percentile, so this was a big jump!

Since they both got shots, we headed to eat lunch with Daddy and treated the boys to a dessert of their choice. Paxton picked an ice cream cone (and has been obsessed with cones ever since)...
...and Porter had his mind set on a milkshake until we got to the counter and he spotted the cookies. Then he had to have one of those. 
I'm so proud of my big boys and their successful check-up!

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