Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

Since Jared has been traveling a lot lately, he was able to take the Friday before Memorial Day off and we got to have an extra-long weekend. 

We got a membership at the Museum of Life and Science and Paxton is obsessed. He seriously asks to go every morning as soon as he wakes up. Since Jared was off, he finally got to go with us. 

The boys were adorable playing the drums together. 
After naps, we went out to Falls Lake. 
We spent a lot of the weekend in our pool. 
And we went strawberry picking. 
It was kind of a miracle that we ended up with almost a full bucket since both boys were eating them as fast as they could pick them. 
Our four pounds of strawberries were gone in a few days. Porter (who won't touch store-bought strawberries) ate about 75% of them and would shriek for more. 
Paxton got to spend some quality time with his daddy. 
On Memorial Day, we headed to the splash pad. 
Then after naps, the boys got their tank tops on...
And we headed outside for more pool time and our annual cookout. 
It was sad to not see our families for Memorial Day but we had a fun weekend anyway. 

Looking back at pictures from last Memorial Day makes me realize how fast this year has gone...
Porter was a newborn:
And Pax still looked like a toddler instead of a little boy:

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