Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Five Year Anniversary-Wrightsville Beach

Jared and I celebrated our five year anniversary on the sixth. We try to go to Othello's (where we had our rehearsal dinner) every year, but since we're in a different state and still haven't nailed down a babysitter, we decided to do a family trip instead. 

Jared took off work and we headed down to Wrightsville Beach right after breakfast. 

Porter had a cereal bar in the car and when I got back there to get him out at the restaurant for lunch, he looked like this:
We ate lunch at an amazing little beach restaurant called Causeway Cafe where Porter sat in a booster for the first time and discovered ketchup. He was a big fan. After lunch, we went straight to the beach. 

It was both boys' first time on the beach and we were excited to see what they would think. 

Porter thought it was pretty cool at first, but eventually got tired of the water splashing in his face (the waves were a little rough). 

Paxton was obsessed. He loved the crashing waves and splashing in the shallow water. He loved looking for bugs in the sand and chasing birds. 
After a few hours, Porter was passed out on a blanket and Paxton was getting grumpy and was covered in sand... we decided it was time to go. We had planned on this just being a day trip so we didn't have a hotel room. I don't know how we were thinking we would get the sand off two little boys...we didn't. 

We stopped for ice cream...
...and shopped for souvenirs before heading home. 

We were planning on eating dinner at a cool beach restaurant before we headed back, but since we were covered in sand and the boys had slept for a combined 30 minutes all day, we went home and ordered a pizza. It wasn't the most romantic anniversary we have celebrated, but it was a fun getaway that perfectly represented our lives right now. We have been through a lot together this year with selling our first house and making a cross-country move, away from both of out entire families and all of our friends, but it has defintely brought us closer together. Year five was pretty sweet. 

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