Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Friend Visit!

Our first visitors came two weeks ago and we had so much fun! 

Tabatha and Blakely joined us at the science museum on the first day. Paxton and Blakely had a blast together. 

They shared snacks,
And looked at animals together. 
While Porter hung out in the stroller. 
After we played, we went to Chickfila for lunch. An older man stopped by and said we won the award for the cutest table. 
He was right. After we ate, Pax and Blakely played on the playground together. It took some serious effort to make it to the top, so after Blakely came down the slide Paxton told her "I'm so proud of you Blakely!" It was precious. But not as precious as what happened as we were walking out to the car...
They came back for dinner and birthday cupcakes. We celebrated all three of the kids' birthdays and exchanged presents. 

The next day, we went to Falls Lake. 
Porter had hummus for the first time and loved it so much that he dumped the pretzels and just grabbed hummus by the handful. 
We took everyone back to our house for naps and then had to say goodbye. 
It was so much fun having our best friends come visit! Now every single day Paxton asks where Blakely is and if she can come over and play. 

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