Sunday, March 23, 2014


Since Paxton couldn't have a birthday party this year, we wanted to give him a weekend full of his favorite things. 

We started on Friday morning. He crept downstairs while I was feeding Porter and opened his pile of presents that I had wrapped the night before. We came downstairs to a neatly stacked pile of board books and a movie and a brand new outfit still completely wrapped except the corner where he has peeked in. 
He has been talking about going back to Monkey Joe's since the last time we went, so that was the first place we went. We invited his friend Ben to come too. They had a blast following each other around and jumping and sliding. 
That night Paxton wanted hot dogs so we had our first cookout at our new house. 
The next morning was Paxton's actual birthday. He woke up to a floor covered in balloons. 
We came downstairs and he had his favorite breakfast (donuts and chocolate milk) and opened his presents from Mommy and Daddy. 
And his presents from GG. 
After some playing and Curious George, we got ready to leave. 
We took Paxton to Three Bears Acres to play. 
There was sand...
And a slingshot area....
And painting...
And toboggan sliding....
And jumping. 
We played until everyone was worn out and then headed home for naps. 
After naps, we let Paxton choose dinner. He picked Cici's. 
After dinner, it was time for the part Paxton was most excited about...CUPCAKES! He requested blue cupcakes and candles so that's what we did. 
He made us light the candles and sing happy birthday to him five times, but you only turn three once so we did. 

He kept saying he was having so much fun all day. I think he had a pretty amazing birthday. 

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  1. Caitlynne! It looks like you guys have been having so much fun since you moved! I'm really bad at commenting b/c I usually read your blog through feedly, but I had to come over and leave a comment. Pax is so cute and so big! I love keeping up with you all through your blog and hope the transition has been going okay. Porter is adorable, and I can't believe how much he's growing. It seems to me that it goes by even faster the second time around. Have a great week!