Thursday, March 13, 2014

March is Flying!

This month is flying by. It doesn't help that Jared is on his second work trip this month (third if you count a day trip to Virginia) and I've been single-momming it for way too many nights. 
The Elmo potty is out in full-force this month as we work to get Pax potty-trained before his third birthday. 
Porter likes to try to rip the lid off while Paxton is sitting on it. 

He has gotten so naughty lately. Jared thinks he's hilarious and I think it's funny too, but we defintely have our hands full with our littlest. He is obsessed with Scarlett's water bowl and will crawl straight to it at lightning speed no matter how many times I redirect him. He will watch Paxton carefully lining up his cars and wait until he's almost finished and then crawl over and fling cars everywhere. Paxton always laughs the first few times (he's such a sweet big brother) but he starts getting frustrated and tells Porter "no Porter, leave it alone" which is adorable. 
I took Paxton to a class my Mom's Group was hosting at Little Gym. He had a blast swinging from the bars and running around the mats. I think he would love a class like that. 
We finally made it back to Rise! This restaurant was part of the reason we decided to move here. We tried it when we came out last April and couldn't wait to come back. It's always way too busy on weekends so since Jared had a later flight this time, we decided to go back. 

We had two really happy little boys. 
Little Porter is growing up so fast all of a sudden. He waves and says "hi" all the time. He also has started saying "outside" which delights Paxton. They say it back and forth to each other all day long. Sometimes Pax will tell him "say outside" and Porter does and then Pax says "that's right! Outside!" 
He has also started saying "dada" and "mama", although he only says "mama" when he's eating, so I think it's supposed to mean "mmmm" but I have waited so long to hear it (since Pax called me dada forever and then Mimi when he was two and finally mommy in December) so I get excited every time anyway. 

I really can't get enough of watching them together right now. Paxton is so proud of Porter when he does anything new. If Porter is crying he will tell me "Porter needs a snack" or "Porter is so neepy" (sleepy). Porter loves Paxton too. He follows him everywhere and gives him the biggest smiles when he sees him. I love when they annoy each other and Paxton yells at Porter and Porter squeals right back. We are going to have our hands full with them. 

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