Sunday, March 2, 2014

Falls Lake

While Oklahoma was getting bombarded with another snowstorm, we were packing up our beach toys and digging for our shorts. 
We live a few minutes away from a pretty neat lake here in NC and we have been waiting for a nice day to take the boys. Since today was 70 degrees, we decided to go for it. We had the entire beach to ourselves which was pretty amazing. 
Porter was not a big fan of the sand, but he loved dipping his toes in the water. 
Paxton loved the entire day. He threw about 600 pine cones in the water, jumped in repeatedly and tried to build a sandcastle. 
He just kept saying "I'm having so much fun!" It was adorable. 

Even Scarlett had fun. 
By lunchtime, Porter was ready for a nap and Paxton was ready for some chocolate milk so we loaded up and headed home. 

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