Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Little Porter was 11 months old yesterday! I know it's so redundant, but I completely can't believe how fast this year has gone by. My weekly emails about Paxton call him my preschooler instead of my toddler now and in exactly one month, I won't have a baby in the house. On the other hand, 11 months is fun. Porter is starting to show his real personality and walking and talking are on the horizon. 
Porter finally figured out pulling up this month. He has been pulling up to his knees for awhile but after pulling him up about 60 times in a row one day and making up a game where he repeatedly dropped stuff and said uh-oh, he decided to go for it. In true second child fashion, there are no pictures or videos of it happening...I didn't even see it. I was upstairs with Paxton and Jared yelled up that Porter pulled up on the stairs. He wasn't entirely sure it was a new thing. So he's doing that now which gives him a whole new playing field for knocking drinks over and stealing everyone's today at our play group when he pulled up on a chair and stole Paxton's cupcake. 
Porter is not a performer. He doesn't do tricks or say words on command. He can say mama and dada and pah-pah (Paxton) and outside and up. Up is the only word he uses correctly because he would be happy being held pretty much constantly with the exception of a few lunges for remotes and phones. He says outside for Paxton. Paxton thinks it's so cool and has no idea that to Porter it is a completely meaningless word. It is really different and neat to have a kid with normal language skills. Paxton was always behind in these areas so I'm always pleasantly surprised when Porter repeats a new word. 
Porter has started pointing this month and likes to point at pictures in books like Paxton. He mimics a lot of things that Pax does. 
Porter is still a little cuddler and needs to be on his mama's lap when he's sleepy. When we put him in his crib, he pulls his blankie up to his face and it's the cutest thing ever. If I'm sitting on the floor with him, he likes to crawl onto my lap or crawl over my legs. 
He's getting a little temper. If he isn't getting what he wants (which is almost always food), he let's out an ear-piercing scream (that Paxton taught him). He repeats this until we give him what he wants. For the most part though, he's pretty easy-going. He is perfect in the car, on shopping trips, and at restaurants. There have maybe been three times total that he has caused any trouble at all when we have been in public. 
He is nursing three times a day and eating three meals a day. He takes two naps-usually 10-1 and 3-5. He has gotten pretty chubby lately and is completely in 12 and 12-18 month clothes. His hair is getting super long, his bangs are always in his eyes and he defintely has a little mullet in the back. 
He learned the "so big" trick this month which is one of our favorites. Paxton is trying to teach him high fives and bump it. He is a little vacuum and eats as much as Paxton and sometimes more. Every week at our play group he goes for someone's food. He has snuck a cookie, a cupcake, strawberries and a veggie stick. He eats a grown-up sized serving of spaghetti every time he gets a chance. He loves pasta, fruit (except strawberries), bananas and any jarred food. 
We are trying to soak up every last day of this sweet little boy's babyhood. 

And just for fun, here is a comparison picture of both boys at 11 months. They might have the same nose...

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