Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mobile Baby

Paxton had a very big day yesterday in the development department. First of all, he has had a super runny nose the past few days which is what signaled his bottom two teeth coming in last we knew his top teeth might be coming in. Sure enough, yesterday I felt the tip of one poking through.

He also made a huge step towards crawling. Lately, he has been rolling everywhere he wants to go:

To daddy's laptop:

To the front door:

Or just over to where Ronald McDonald is hanging out:

Yesterday, he started doing this:

Today, he figured out he could rest here in between push-ups:

So who knows....tomorrow he might start crawling...or he might skip straight to standing up. It's crazy how big he looks getting in these positions!

And look how big he looks in his hoodie with his sippy cup:

He's gonna be in high school before we know it.

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