Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Thanksgiving

Paxton's first Thanksgiving was a big day for him. He met people he had never met and tried foods he had never tried...all with only about a 20 minute nap.

Wednesday night, Paxton helped me in the kitchen:

He was mostly interested in his toys:

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and checked out the parade. Paxton was really interested in the floats. Jared had to take family pictures for his aunt and her family so Pax and I were on our own for the morning.

Our first stop was Granny Pat's house. We didn't make it to that Thanksgiving last year so we were excited to see people that we hadn't seen in two years. When we went in 2009, one of Jared's cousins had a newborn. This year, he was a little boy running around everywhere! We were also excited to see Melinda. She is one of Jared's relatives that was our nurse the second night in the hospital. She's the one that saved the day when Paxton wouldn't sleep that night. She hadn't seen him since then so she was surprised to see how much he's grown.

Then we went to Granny's house. They had already eaten so we just joined them for some of Aunt Debbie's amazing pie and some swinging.

Granny V pushing Pax:

Our last stop was my mom's where Paxton got to try several new foods. Gramsy had made Paxton some mashed potatoes without milk and he was a pretty big fan of those. He also got some pieces of a pumpkin roll, some sweet potatoes and some pink arctic freeze. His favorite thing was the turkey (his first meat!)! He looked so big sitting in his high chair and feeding himself bites of food.

When we got home and put Pax to bed, Jared and I put up the Christmas decorations. This is one of our favorite traditions and we were excited for Paxton to wake up and see the tree. He loved it! As soon as we brought him in the living room, he started staring at it and as soon as we put him down, he rolled straight over to check it out.

We put kid-safe ornaments on the bottom of the tree that he can take off and chew on...which is great cuz that's exactly what he did. We are definitely going to have to keep our eyes on him this year because he is into everything.

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  1. Love that big boy! Next up, his FIRST CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. I hope to see you guys again soon. The Christmas light string pictures is precious!