Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Paxton is eight months old today...only four more months until his first birthday!

This was the first month that Paxton paid attention to his bear:

At eight months Paxton is:
  • Moving everywhere.  He rolls and scoots all over the living room.  He notices things he wants (like cords) and rolls and scoots right to them. 
  • Not quite crawling yet.  He still gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  Sometimes he lunges forward in that position and face plants on the floor.
  • Eating four meals a day.  He eats a 7 ounce bottle for breakfast, a 4 ounce bottle, rice cereal and a vegetable for lunch, 4 ounces, oatmeal and a fruit for dinner and a 7 ounce bottle with rice cereal before bed.  We have introduced all of the fruits and vegetables available as well as some table food.  We are waiting to introduce meat until Thanksgiving.  The table foods he has tried are tiny pieces of wheat bread and wheat pasta, pieces of tortilla, Mexican rice and a few tiny bites of refried beans (which he hated), and avocado.  Now when we go out to eat, he wants to eat what we're eating.

  • Great at standing up.  He can't stand without support, but all he needs help with is a little balance.  He can stand holding onto something, but he can't pull up by himself.  He can stand up from a squatting postition. 
  • Loving the dogs and cat.  The dogs love him and like to lick his face.  The whole time they're inside he watches them.  When Scarlett is close to him he talks to her and smiles at her.  She takes this as an invitation to lick his face.
This picture is disgusting and hilarious at the same time...Paxton and Scarlett

  • Really good at imitating our volume.  He mostly repeats "ah" and will repeat it at any volume from a whisper to a scream.  He will also repeat "dada" and "who".  He also makes the "w face" if you make it at him.
  • Turning into a daddy's boy.  He loves his daddy more than ever right now.  He saves his biggest smiles for Daddy and loves playing with him.  Jared had to go to Virginia last week for work and the first morning he was home, we were playing with Paxton in bed and he was in the best mood he's ever been in.  He was cracking up and smiling and playing.  It was our favorite morning.  
  • Taking a bath exclusively in the big tub.  He loves playing with his bath toys and trying to eat the bubbles.

  • Doing great at feeding himself.  He has the pincher grasp down (a little awkwardly) and can feed himself Puffs or other little pieces of food.  We are going to try a banana soon.  
  • Not loving his morning nap.  He still gets fussy around 11:00 which is when he used to take his nap, but now as soon as he is put in bed he cries.  Sometimes I just let him cry until he falls asleep, but sometimes he just skips the nap.  He does okay without it, but we've also cut out his last nap (7:30-10:00pm) so I'm not sure one two and half hour nap a day is enough sleep. 

  • Still fitting in 6 and 9 month clothes.  Can wear 6 month pajamas but fits better in 9 or 12 month.  He can still squeeze into his 3-6 month onesies from Old Navy.  He is still in size 2 diapers but we will probably move him up to size 3 after this box since he weighs more than the recommended weight.
  • Able to drink out of a sippy cup on his own.  We started with just water but he wasn't interested, so we added a little bit of orange pedialyte.  We introduced it more as a toy, but showed him how to use it.  He was able to put it in his mouth and suck from the beginning.  Yesterday was the first time we tried it to replace his bottle.  He fed himself his entire lunch-time bottle from it and didn't seem to miss the bottle.  I think around 10 months we'll replace another bottle with the sippy cup and cross over completely at one.  I was worried that the transition would be hard, but yesterday was fine. 

  • Still loving his Jumperoo, any kind of ball, his swing (even though he's too big for it), and his construction site.  I think his favorite toys are a plastic bowl scraper and a plastic measuring spoon we gave him kind of as a joke.  
  • Throwing everything.  If he's on the floor, he throws things across the room.  If he's in his high chair he throws them on the floor and then leans way over to see where they landed and tries to reach them.  
  • Starting to cuddle his little bunny while he falls asleep.  I don't have a picture of it because he wakes up when we go in his room, but it is so sweet.

  • Still loving to be upside-down and will throw himself backwards if he's sitting on a lap facing someone.  He also leans backwards when I'm holding his hands while he's standing up.  He cracks up when he does that.  In the mornings, I sit him on my stomach in bed and talk to him and he will throw himself off of me and on to the bed.  This also cracks him up.  He is completely fearless.  
  • A big fan of being read to.  He stares at the pictures and then will look up and smile at the reader.
  • Really social.  If he is feeding himself, he will take the bottle out of his mouth and smile at the person feeding him.  He also loves babies and little kids.  He will stare at them and talk to them across restaurants or stores.  On the other hand, he is overwhelmed by big groups of kids or people.  He gets fussy at lapsit at the library and at our Connect Group at church, but as soon as he is home he is happy again.

  • Getting over the stranger anxiety.  He smiles at everyone now and when the inevitable old man (who knew they loved babies so much?) comes over to talk to him when we're out in public, he smiles at them and will sometimes talk.  
  • Letting me rock him at night.  In the past, he would just look at me and talk and try to play the whole time, but now we calms down and sucks his thumb.  I don't rock him to sleep because I read that getting him in that habit will make it harder for him to put himself to sleep.  I just rock him until he's sleepy and calm and then put him in bed.  I also don't rock him before naps because I don't want him to rely on it to calm down.  I mostly just do it at night because I like cuddling with him and watching him get sleepy.  Plus that sleepy love look he has when he looks up at me melts my heart.
  • Still the proud owner of just two teeth.  We think his top left tooth is close because we can feel it under the gum and he is super slobbery, but it hasn't poked through yet.

  • Loving being outside.  I take him out to the front porch every day and he loves looking around and watching the cars go by.  When he's fussy, I can take him over to the back door or window and let him look out at the puppies or the leaves and he's happy.  I'm kind of sad that it's getting cold because he won't be able to go outside all the time. 

 This month Paxton left Oklahoma for the first time.  We went to Dallas for our friends' gender reveal party and he did great.  He slept a little, but mostly played with toys and looked out the window the whole time. 
 He also spent his first night away from Daddy while Daddy was in Virginia for work.

 He's such a happy baby and we love laughing with him and sometimes at him.  Jared and I both have a hard time putting him in bed and leaving him there at night.  We love this little boy more than we ever imagined. 

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  1. SO BIG!! I can't get over it... AND, I never thought thumb sucking could be so cute!