Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Last 8 Days

My induction date for baby #3 has been set and we are eight days away! I've had lots of little issues this time...a low-lying placenta in the beginning (it moved up between 18 and 28 weeks), low iron, and a 2 vessel cord. My blood pressure has been much better this time, but my combination of other issues has me going to a high-risk doctor in addition to my OB. For the past few weeks, I've been going weekly for non-stress tests and ultrasounds. I've gotten to see baby #3 a lot of times! 
Multiple ultrasound techs have also shown me that he is already growing hair! Both of his brothers were pretty low on hair at birth so in excited to see this guy! 

The baby has been measuring big lately so the high-risk doctor advised inducing at 37 weeks. I thought that was a little too early and my OB was fine with waiting til 38 weeks so that's what we are doing. 

We have done less to get ready for this baby, but that's partly because we have been moving and partly because we now realize that not a lot needs to be done. His tiny clothes and blankets are clean, the bassinet is ready and we got him a personalized hat for the hospital. We are definitely a little nervous about the logistics of having three boys and going out in public, but at the same time so excited to meet the little guy that is going to complete our family!

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