Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Easter was really fun this year. The boys were so excited to dye eggs and hunt them and see what the Easter bunny brought! 

Paxton had an egg hunt at school on Friday and it was pretty adorable. 
Porter didn't like being a spectator and one of Paxton's sweet teachers brought him over an egg. Then Paxton got to take him to the playground where all the little girls took turns helping Porter around. 

On Saturday night after Paxton's party, we dyed eggs. Porter had the same mentality as last year, get them all in the dye at once!
Paxton was super patient and would put one in each color and check it after a few minutes and decide if it needed more time or if it was done. He also used a spoon to get them out this year instead of scooping them out with his hands like they usually do (and Porter still did and ended up with green hands). 
They were super proud of their eggs. 
The Easter bunny knew we had just moved and didn't need a bunch of tiny junk that would get lost and thrown away, so he opted for quality over quantity. Each boy got a Playmobil set, a few eggs with M&M's, a pair of sunglasses and some Pop Rocks. 
They were excited. 
Then they got their cowboy boots on and headed out to hunt for eggs. 
We kept the outfits simple this much as I love seeing them in little button-ups and bowties, with moving and having a new baby, we just didn't feel like that was where our money should go this year. The boys were thrilled with their chick shirts. 
Granny V, Papa, Aunt Madi, Uncle Josh and Justin and Jessie came over for fried chicken. 

The boys took a nap and then it was time for the cousins, the aunts and Gramsy to come over!
We cooked out and played and celebrated Gramsy's birthday and she hid eggs for them all to find. When it was getting close to bedtime, we caught Paxton in a precious moment reading to his little brother. 
It was definitely a happy Easter!

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