Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So Paxton has known his birthday was coming for months now. He has been so excited and tells everyone he can think of that his birthday is March 22nd and he will be five. The day finally came! He woke up to balloons filling his room and requested his typical breakfast of oatmeal. Since it was his birthday, we added some fun sprinkles. 
He wanted to wear his new bug shirt to school and he had requested to bring donuts and juice boxes for his class, so we stopped and grabbed donuts on the way to school. 
He was so excited that Porter and I walked into his class with him and his teacher was so sweet to immediately tell him happy birthday! 
We went to Chick-Fil-a for lunch at his request and came home and he helped me make his birthday treat-brownies!
He was super disappointed that he had to wait til Daddy got home to open his presents. 
But finally it was time! 
He got a Stormtrooper, paint and paper, two new books, a Playmobil police car, train set and the recycle truck that he had been begging for for weeks. He was so excited. 

We went to dinner at McAlister's (he changed his mind from Arby's at the last minute) and then came home to sing to him and let him blow out his candle!
He had such a fun day and was so excited the entire time, and now he's a whole hand!

On Saturday, we had his party at Chuck E Cheese. It was his first time to get to invite his own friends and all his favorites from his class came. 
He requested a cookie cake for his party and was so excited!
After everyone sang to him and ate cookie cake, he got a turn in the ticket booth. The guy did not explain the rules to him beforehand so he kind of had no idea what was going on...he just hung out and enjoyed the wind tunnel. Then at the last second, he reached under his shoe and grabbed a voucher for 25 tickets. That's all he got. We were cracking up. 
He was so sweet when he opened his presents, he was excited about everything and told everyone thank you. 

And now he's five! So far five has been awesome. He's such a sweet and empathetic kid and doesn't like when anyone is sad or hurt. He has been playing really well with Porter lately and spends most of playtime bossing Porter around. He is getting close to be able to read, he recognizes a few words and knows how to spell several. He says he can count to 99 and knows that 100 comes next, but thinks that 99 sounds better so we stick with that. He's doing really well at school and his teacher always has good things to say about him being a good helper and being funny. He loves to play outside and drive his Jeep and is out there multiple times a day. There are times every week where he does something that seems so grown-up and precious, and I can't believe he's mine! He makes me so proud to be his mom! 

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