Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Big News!

The night before Paxton's first day of Pre-K, I was having some symptoms that I have had before. I took a quick trip to Target for some tests and couldn't even wait until morning to find out. I tried one immediately and....

I was so nauseous the first several weeks. I never threw up but I felt bad all day every day. Everyone thought that meant it was a girl, but I just couldn't picture having something besides a boy. 

At my 17 week appointment (the day before the gender reveal ultrasound), the nurse couldn't find the heart beat. She didn't seem worried and said my doctor would be right in and she would probably find it won't no trouble. But I was worried. I hadn't been feeling the baby move and knew I had by this point with Porter. I was texting Jared and my mom and I was mildly freaking out. After about 10 minutes, my doctor came in and she couldn't find it either. She acted totally calm and suggested an ultrasound. I could hear her in the hall knocking on the door of the ultrasound room and asking the nurse if the girl in there was almost done. That's when I knew she was worried too. It was a terrible time to be alone...finally, the room was ready and I went in. She turned the screen away from me and I thought that was for the best...I didn't want to see...almost immediately, she turned the screen back around and told me the baby was moving and then she found the heart beat. We listened to it for a long time and watched it kicking around. Apparently my placenta was between the Doppler and the baby so it was only picking up my heart beat and not the baby's. I know I have an amazing doctor because she was visibly relieved and hugged me and we both had tears in our eyes. We finished the appointment and I told Jared and my mom the good news. I think that scary event got Jared and I more invested in the pregnancy. It hasn't really felt that real yet since we're busy chasing around the P's, but seeing how upset we were at the prospect of losing this baby made us realize how excited we are and how much we love it already. 

The next day was the gender reveal ultrasound! Paxton was at school, so Jared and Porter and I went to Baptist Hospital. The tech took her time looking at the brain and heart and kidneys and measuring the femur...but she finally made it down south. We both knew as soon as we saw...ANOTHER BOY!

We went to Babies R Us (it's tradition) to pick out a little boy outfit. Then we went to the store to get items for our gender reveal party that night (my mom and sisters insisted even though we had just planned on telling everyone immediately). 

When Jared got home from work, it was time to tell the boys if they were getting a brother or a sister. Since Porter had been playing the iPad during the ultrasound, he had no idea. We gave them each a paper bag to open and inside was a ziploc with blue candy. Paxton understood immediately and was so excited he was getting a baby brother! Porter was just excited for candy. 

We went to Chili's for dinner and gave each person a paper lunch sack to open. Since the ultrasound tech had announced "there's a stem on the apple" to let us know that Paxton was a boy, that has been a running joke with the family. Inside each bag was an apple...with a stem! 

We are so excited for another baby boy! We can't wait to bring another tiny bundle in blue pajamas home. 

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