Saturday, December 5, 2015

November Was a Good One!

November flew by, but that was because we were busy having a blast! 

Porter learned how to do thumbs up.
Paxton asked to have a special night with Gramsy one Friday night and she was happy to oblige. They went to Carl's Jr and Wal-Mart and Jared and I got some single kid time with Porter. We went to Hidalgo's since Paxton doesn't really like Mexican and the rest of us do. Porter celebrated by drinking cheese sauce. 
We took a family trip to Austin and had a blast!
We put up the Christmas lights a little early since Paxton had been begging since the day after Halloween...especially once the neighbors put theirs up. 
We got our family pictures taken which was exactly as big of a disaster as I imagined it would be, but we got a few good ones!
We found out baby #3 was a BOY! And we announced our pregnancy to the general public. 
We went and picked out a real tree together on the coldest day of November and put up our Christmas decorations. 
The boys helped me bake for Thanksgiving. 
And they re-discovered their love for Pink Arctic Freeze and licking beaters. 
We had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Granny V made sure Paxton had some food to be thankful for by making him mac&cheese. 
And Gramsy officially switched us to Christmas season by giving the boys their first Christmas present, Christmas jammies and a Christmas movie. This year their jammies came with Santa hats and they literally left them on for 2 days. 
We ended the month with an ice storm that knocked down tons of branches and left us without electricity for the weekend. 
We slept on a mattress by the fireplace to try to stay didn't work. 
November was one of my favorites this had all my favorite things: family vacation, fall weather, and a giant meal with our families. Now it's time for an explosion of Christmas activities!!!

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