Sunday, November 1, 2015


Our Halloween celebration started on Friday this year. Paxton had a little ice cream sundae party at school, so Porter and I carried on our tradition of Scary-face pancakes at IHOP. 
Jared got home from his work trip that evening, so after picking him up at the airport, we picked up dinner and a movie and built a fire. We all cuddled up and watched Toy Story of Terror. 
That night, Paxton woke up around 3am with a bad cough, but seemed a little better the next morning. In fact, the first thing he said the next morning when we woke up was, "It's Halloween! It's finally here! I'm so excited!"

We watched a Halloween movie and ate our Johnnie's breakfast in our pajamas. Then it was time for the activity Paxton had been looking forward to, pumpkin painting. 
The boys had a blast and painted for a long time. A bath was the obvious next activity. 

When Porter woke up from his nap, the boys were anxious to get their costumes on. They had been asking to be Buzz and Woody for Halloween since that lake trip when they became obsessed with Toy Story 3. We were thinking Porter would be Buzz because he's shorter in the movie, but they both agreed that Paxton would be Buzz and Porter would be Woody. They thought their costumes were so cool and the whole time they wore them, the called each other Buzz and Woody and wanted us to do the same. 
We stopped by Grandpa Mark's house and then grabbed corn dogs at Sonic on the way back home. We grabbed the wagon and got started! We stopped to see GG because she had presents for the boys. They were so excited about their new trucks and Paxton kept sneaking candy into his bucket the whole time we were there. 
Then we went to Papaw's house to meet Granny V and Aunt Candy and baby Brooks and start trick or treating! Gramsy met us too and we did Papaw's whole street and the cul de sac at the end. By then, people were starting to turn their lights off but the boys wanted to keep going. We started having to walk a lot between houses and it was getting cold and late so we finally gave up. 
They had so much fun trick or treating this year. Paxton came running down each driveway yelling "I said thank you!" And Porter said "can I have candy?" to most people instead of trick or treat...and then at one house, the lady gave him one piece and he looked at her sternly and said "give me another one". Luckily we were there to put a stop to that and remind him that thank you was more appropriate. He was also obsessed with everyone's decorations and would just stop and talk to them about the different things they had and they were all so nice to turn them on or answer his questions about them. It was funny. 

I love how excited they get about holidays. It makes every part so fun. 

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