Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fourth!

Jared was off work Friday for the 4th of July so we decided to start the holiday early. He ran to Home Depot to get some things to beautify our back yard while I covered the boys with patriotic tattoos that Granny V brought the boys. 

When he came back, we loaded up and headed to Mazzio's. While we ate, Paxton kept talking about the kitty at the lake and how he wanted "a precious baby kitty". We had been talking about rescuing one from the pound, so we decided to go look after lunch. Paxton fell in love with a tiny 5 week old kitten, but after Porter attempted to throw it for the third time, we knew a kitten wasn't a good fit for our family. We found a 2-year-old cat that Jared liked because it was lazy and Porter bonded with him too. 
So now we have a new family member. Jared suggested Sirio and Paxton thought he said Cereal and thought it was perfect, so we went with it. 
That night, Justin and Jessie came over for a cookout and some fireworks. 
The next morning, Jared and Paxton were up early for the 4th of July parade. Porter slept in til 10:15 while I had time to clean the house and make cupcakes for Granny V's birthday. Jared and Paxton came home shortly after Porter woke up and Paxton was so excited to tell us about how he got to ride in the Jeep and walk over the railroad tracks. I don't think he cared about the parade at all. 
Granny V and Madi, Josh and Candy and Baby Brooks, Aunt Jojo and Papaw all came over for lunch. Jared and Josh cooked out burgers and we sang happy birthday to Granny V. After everyone left, we all crashed for a long afternoon nap. When we woke up, it was time for Gramsy and Maesynne and Bevynne to come over. We cooked out steaks and ate and Mallory and Teighynne joined us later. Everyone left to get a spot for the fireworks while Jared and the boys and I set off some more fireworks. The boys were totally obsessed with smoke bombs. 
Paxton liked the sparklers but Porter was nervous. Then Jared set off a black cat and Porter hated it. He was pretty much done with fireworks after that. 
We loaded up in the Jeep and went to UCO for the fireworks. 
We sat on campus this year which meant the noises were extra-loud. Porter made me cover his ears the whole time. About halfway through, I could feel his little head vibrate as he said something after each firework so I leaned in close to hear him. He was quietly saying "boom" after each firework. 
Paxton mostly ran around between everyone and ate candy the whole time. He barely watched any fireworks at all. 

When they were over, we headed home but the boys still had a ton of energy. We let them run around in the backyard for awhile but Paxton still had a lot of trouble getting settled down. Porter crashed immediately holding on tight to his glow stick. 
We have been doing sparklers and pop pops and smoke bombs pretty much every night since the 4th and Paxton doesn't understand why the holiday has to be over. He had a blast and we had a blast watching him! Porter still talks about how he didn't like the fireworks because they were "too youd and said BOOM BOOM" but he has warmed up to pop pops. 

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