Monday, July 13, 2015

Lake Weekend

I'm always nervous that I'm forgetting things when he leave for a trip and Friday was no exception. After Paxton's teeball game, we swung by our house to grab our last few things and hit the road. We stopped to grab dinner and pizza sounded good, so we had pizza night in the car. 

We got to the lake around 11 and the boys were crazy. They ran around and danced and yelled for about 30 minutes before we got them settled down. For some reason, Paxton insists on falling asleep to "the vacuum show" (HSN) so he did that. 

The next morning, we opted for breakfast at the lake house and the boys watched one of Jared's favorite childhood shows...Scooby Doo. 
The boys couldn't wait to get out on the lake so we got ready and got there at an all time early-11:00. 
(Fake sleeping...he thought it was so funny)
Jared had to run back to the van to get something and I used the extra time to take pictures...and ended up with my current favorite of them. 
They had a blast jumping off the lily pad and swimming around and eating their weight in snacks. Porter overdid it and fell asleep in my lap on the way back in. 
After showers and dinner, we realized that we still had two hours until bedtime...apparently that's one of the casualties of hitting the lake so early. We knew we needed a plan so we thought an ice cream sunset cruise would be perfect. We grabbed ice cream at Soda Steve's and took the boat out. Paxton was in his jammies and it was hard for him to grasp that this wasn't a swimming trip.  
It was a fun evening and we were all ready for bed afterwards. We headed home early the next morning. 

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