Monday, July 13, 2015


Paxton has always been a natural at baseball. He started throwing overhand at six months and has loved hitting off the tee since we first brought it out. Jared has even pitched a ball to him and he can hit it. We have been waiting excitedly until he was big enough to sign up for teeball, and this summer he was big enough for teeball at the Y. We actually signed him up for 4-year-old teeball but apparently those teams were full so he got put on a 3-year-old Blastball team. We were disappointed at first because some of the kids were still two and the rules were basically non-existent, but it probably worked out for the best because Paxton was kind of a disaster at the whole team sport thing. 
He loved hitting and running to first but wasn't a huge fan of waiting for his turn in the dugout and cheering his teammates on. 

It didn't help that his team was pretty disorganized...only four kids showed up to team pictures...and most games only about five kids showed up...
He loved when it was his turn to get the ball but hated when it was someone else's turn. There might have been glove throwing and running off to the outfield but he certainly wasn't the only one...
At the end of the season, he got his first medal! He was so proud. 
I think he ended up having a fun season, even though before some of the games he would ask if we could just let Porter play and he would watch...

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