Monday, March 30, 2015

Paxton is FOUR!!

My sweet, tiny firstborn turned four. Four is not a baby or even a toddler. It is just a kid. This birthday hit right as we was going through a growth spurt...both physically and emotionally so it makes the transition seem even more severe. He is tall and thin now, there is no baby chub left at all. Even his cheeks have thinned down. He has an opinion about everything and is better at making decisions that Jared and I combined. He is talking so much more clearly and will argue about anything. He will also listen now and think about the things we're telling him and most of the time he will try to make us happy. He can sit through a whole meal and eat with a fork, drink from an open cup and wipe his face off at the end; or there are meals where he sits down and immediately starts engaging in baby talk and screeching wars with Porter, throws his cup down and eats with his hands. 

He is really funny now and loves to do things over and over if we thought they were funny the first time. He calls us "Cait-yun" and "Jeh-wed" half the time and thinks Porter's middle name is Mark. He knows his full name and address, all his letters and numbers and has "Go Dog Go" memorized. He loves cars more than anything and wants to know who each car belongs to that we see driving around town. He is developing an interest in dinosaurs and has learned a few kinds. He loves routine and would eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch if we would let him. 

He has such a kind heart and always wants to use his own quarters to buy Porter something when he gets to buy something for himself. However, if we are at home and Porter is touching something of out. 

He is quick to tell us he's a big boy and he does "big boy fings" and it seems like that is true. We can trust him in public to stay with us and act appropriately...until something happens he doesn't like and then all bets are off. 

My favorite thing about him is how he comes in to find me so sweetly after his nap. He curls up next to me and talks to me softly about what he wants to do next or eat for dinner or tell me I'm his best fwiend. He really is a sweet little boy and even though he doesn't make everything easy, he's ours and we love him more than we could have ever imagined. 

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