Monday, March 2, 2015

A Collection of Short Stories

When it's 60 degrees the day after a snow storm, you're left with giant mud puddles...and when you have two little boys, that only means one thing...
Obviously mud splashing means a warm bath and a load of laundry, but it was all worth it because they had a blast. And now anytime the boys see the tiniest drip of water falling from our roof, they want to go splash. 

I got the boys shirts that reminded me of their first matching outfits, so we recreated the picture we took back then. 
My boys are huge! And in just a few months Porter will be the same age Paxton was when Porter was born! That's crazy to me because Paxton seemed so big when Porter was born but Porter still seems like a baby to me. 

On Friday we were hit with another snow storm. The boys were just as happy. 
Granny V even came over on Saturday and played in the snow with them while Jared and I hit the gym. 

We have been treating the boys to donuts kind of a lot lately...
...but they love them so much!!

Paxton and Porter were playing together one morning while I got ready and started yelling that they were stuck. I ran in Porter's room and found this:
They weren't stuck at all. 

Friday nights are pizza and movie nights and we love them. As we were finishing up our pizza, Paxton turned to Jared and said "Ja-wed, Porter colored on the tee-ble." Jared said "umm, you call me Daddy!" Unsatisfied, Paxton turned to me and said "Cait-yun, Porter colored on the tee-ble". Apparently we are on a first-name basis with our 3-year-old. (Porter accidentally colored on the table while we were coloring like 5 days before was totally not a big deal and wiped right up so we're not sure why it was even something he brought up...)

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