Monday, March 16, 2015


Now that we are back in OK, we get to make frequent trips to Dallas to see our favorite Texas friends. This weekend was our first time to head south in over a year!

We got in late Friday night and the boys were so excited to sleep at a hotel...

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to downtown McKinney for brunch and a St. Patty's day festival. Since the festival was about to start, we had to wait almost an hour for our table so we left the husbands to wait for the table and we took the kids to see some shops. 

Paxton and Blakely seemed to remember each other and were chasing each other around as soon as their eyes met. 
After an amazing brunch and a little bit of festival fun, we dropped everyone off at the Thompson's house for a nap (well only Porter took a nap...) and Tabatha and I headed to ikea. It was so nice to catch up kid free and just browse all the cute stuff! Our husbands were texting is asking us where we were, so we knew we had stayed too long. We gathered everyone up and went to Mooyah for hamburgers. Paxton and Blakely had missed their naps because they were too busy playing together, but they made it through dinner. After dinner, Paxton and Blakely wanted to play outside more and spent most of their time doing this on the swings:
Porter got to play too, but anytime he got too close to the big kids they would tell him to go away. He didn't seem to care. 
He was mostly interested in the kitty anyway. 
Then they got to do their favorite thing, a joint bath. Porter crashed this year...but he splashed too much and had to make a quick exit. 

The next morning, we hit ikea and then met up with Tabatha and Blakely (Ryan had an early flight) for some donuts. 
We had so much fun with our friends and we're so glad we live close enough to be able to make quick visits!!

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