Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's Going On

-We're having another snow day here today! The boys and I had a play date yesterday and ran to grab a few things at Wal-Mart afterwards. We went in knowing that there was a chance of snow, but it was completely clear outside. We walked out 20 minutes later and everything was white! I was shocked! Paxton loved it and squealed and laughed the whole way to the car. I did not feel the same. I hate driving in bad weather with the boys in the car so I was a nervous wreck the whole, slippery way home. We made it safely and the snow continued to pound us for the rest of the afternoon and evening. It was defintely the most snow I have ever seen. At some point in the evening it turned into sleet so the snow had a shiny, frozen layer on top. Paxton and I decided that the only way to spend a snowy night was to cuddle under blankets and watch Frozen. 
After lunch today, Jared looked out the window and noticed it was snowing again! It was snowing so hard we could actually hear it! It was crazy. It snowed for a few hours like that, so we are officially snowed in. 

-The boys have been playing so nicely together lately. Paxton is getting a little possessive of his toys (and his favorites of Porter's toys) and Porter is starting to get a little grabby, but overall they get along really well. Paxton likes to burst into Porter's room while he's sleeping and toss toys in his crib and then play with all of Porter's toys. I've been letting him do it lately because I think it's so sweet to hear Paxton in there talking to Porter. He always starts off by saying, "hi Baby, how was your nap?"
-They have a new favorite game together now too. Paxton hides in this little cabinet, Porter crawls over and tries to open the door and Paxton pops out and yells "Peekaboo!" It's adorable. 
Paxton has been begging to go to Cici's lately, so we finally took him. They both loved it; in fact, I think Porter ate more than Paxton. This baby can eat. 
-Neenee got the boys a new kitchen for Christmas and it just came in. The boys love it. Paxton plays with it most mornings before he even watches George which is pretty huge for him. And now that Porter is mobile, he crawls over every chance he gets to dump out the food and to find his favorite ear of corn. 
-Porter had his nine month check-up last week with our new pediatrician. He is 27 inches and 18.2 pounds which only puts him in the 25th percentile. This is crazy to me because Pax was always huge. 
-One drawback to being an early crawler is getting stuck in happens to this guy sometimes. 
-Spaghetti night is a favorite around here. It's one meal that I know both boys will eat a ton of and it is always followed by bath time. 
-On the other hand, both boys hate scrambled eggs...

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