Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day!

Just three short years ago, Jared picked me up from work with an overnight bag in the back of the car and surprised me by driving to the Skirvin (the hotel where we stayed on our wedding night). Pre-kids he was always really good at planning romantic surprises. This year was a little different with two kids and the closest babysitter 1200 miles away, things were a little different. 
Paxton wanted IHOP for dinner and since we knew it wouldn't be crazy on Valentine's Day, we agreed. 
It might look a little different than candles and flowers, and watching Paxton eat chocolate pancakes dipped in mustard wasn't the most tantalizing thing I've seen on this holiday, it was perfect. 

We finished the night with a Target trip and I got to kiss three precious Miller boys goodnight. 

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