Friday, February 21, 2014

Paxton Talks!

I feel like Paxton is growing up before my eyes all of a sudden. Every day he wakes up and seems so much bigger than he was the day before. His speech is getting so much better and he amazes me constantly with the things he thinks of. 

-He was trying to get his magnetic train cars to stick together today and was having a little trouble. He said "maybe a Mouskatool can help us". 

-He says that things are ridiculous constantly. He has no idea what it means. He just inserts it into conversations whenever he can..."that is dick-you-us!"

-Anytime I am the least bit stressed or mad or I talk too loud or if I'm just not smiling at that exact second, he says "it's okay mommy" and "don't worry mommy". I don't know where he learned don't worry but it's pretty adorable. 

-He has started pretend play. His favorite is to say George is really sick or George is really sleepy or George has a stinky diaper. He loves to feed his stuffed animals snacks and tell me they are taking naps on the carpet. 

-He is determined to get Porter to play hide and seek with him which he calls Peekaboo. He will go somewhere and kind of hide and then call Porter. He says "come on Porter! Come see me! Go, go go! Come see Mister Paxton" and Porter usually follows him. 

-We were watching a movie together last night since Jared is out of town (it was Frozen for the 700th time) and I brought him a piece of candy. He snuggled up to me and said "you're the best mommy". 

-He calls himself a superhero all the time right now. After he says "I'm a superhero" he says "yahoo" and pumps his arms and it reminds me exactly of Lloyd on Entourage. I love it. 

-He started making fart noises on the leather chair today. He does it and then says "I tooted" and we both crack up. After he has done it several times, he stops laughing. Then he gets upset because he isn't laughing. He says "Paxton, laugh!" And then he doesn't laugh so he says "Paxton not laughing" and he gets so mad. 

-Scarlett had an accident on the floor the other day and Paxton saw it. Now he tattles on her constantly. He picks up the phone from his play kitchen and says he's calling Daddy. At some point in every conversation with Daddy, he tells him about Scarlett pooping on the carpet. He also tells me several times each day that Scarlett pooped on the carpet. Sometimes he gets carried away and says Porter pooped on the carpet or even worse, Daddy pooped on the carpet. 

There are so many more adorable and hilarious things he has said lately and I don't want to forget what his sweet voice sounds like trying so hard to put together sentences and expressing his thoughts. I love this stage. 

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