Sunday, January 22, 2012


Paxton is ten months old today. Somehow, no matter how much I try to enjoy every moment his babyhood is flying by. He's growing up so fast right now; he's learning something new all the time.

At ten months Paxton is:

-Pulling up on everything all the time. He loves to be standing up and loves knocking things off of whatever he pulls up to. He has gotten confident pulling up on tougher things like his walker and his rocking chair. In the last few days, he has started to be able to sit back down from standing up. He either just collapses and ends up on his bottom, or he bends way over and puts his hand on the floor and gets in a crawling position.

-Saying "dada" and "baba" all the time. He has possibly said "mama" a few times...or maybe it's just baba with a softer b. Sometimes he says "ba" when he wants a bite, other times he says "mmm". The other day he crawled into the bathroom and said "ba" like he wanted a bath, but we'll just call that a coincidence.

-Shaking his head no every time somebody says no, even if they're not talking to him. Last night we had family game night with my mom and sisters and the game involved lots of guessing so there were a lot of no's. Paxton shook his head every time.

-Has started to cruise short distances. He can go from the couch to the coffee table or from his toy from Grandpa to the table that is right next to it. When I hold his hands, he will take a few steps. He's so proud of himself when he does it.

-Is still eating four times a day, but we have added more solids. He has a 7 ounce bottle when he wakes up, a fruit, a vegetable and a 5 ounce sippy cup for lunch, a meat and a 5 ounce sippy cup for dinner, plus a little bit of what we're eating, and a 7 ounce bottle before bed. He usually has two snacks in there somewhere, either a banana, Puffs, or some other Gerber baby snack. He also usually has a sippy cup of water and white grape juice that he sips throughout the day.

-Is sleeping less. He usually wakes up around 8:45 instead of 9:30. His morning nap is from 11-12 now instead of 11-1. His afternoon nap is usually still from 3-5. I think he wakes up at these times and instead of going back to sleep like he used to, he immediately sits up and then pulls up so he doesn't go back to sleep. It is also taking us longer to get him to sleep. When we put him down, he immediately sits up and pulls up. Each time we put him down, we have to go back and lay him down at least once. He thinks it's hilarious.

-Wearing 9 month and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. It doesn't seem like he has grown out of any clothes this month. He actually lost a little weight when he started crawling. He is constantly on the move.

-Getting a little attitude. He has thrown a few fits when we stop him from doing something he wants to do (like crawl off the side of the bed to get the remote) and after he finishes a bottle if he's still hungry. He is usually easily distracted from these fits.

-Still working on his top teeth. The left tooth is poking through and has been for a few weeks now, but he still just has the bottom two.

-Still loving chasing balls and his car. He has also been loving his pull up piano from Grandpa. He pulls up to it every time he sees it. He got his first balloon this month and loved it. He has also found the door stopper in the entry way and loves playing with that. He loves playing catch and switches back and forth between rolling and throwing the ball. He also will go get the ball if he misses it.

-Really close to getting clapping down. He tries really hard, but usually ends up just hitting his thighs. In the past few days, he has started getting his hands together sometimes. And he says "yay" the whole time...which is how we first knew he was trying to clap when he was just hitting his thighs.

-Still loving bath time and is still a handful while he's in there. We keep it really shallow so he can twist around and get his toys, but now he tries to pull up on the side the whole time.

-Obsessed with crawling into the bathroom. He was crawling in through the hall door, so we started keeping that closed. Now he has figured out that there's a second door, so he goes in through that.

It really is crazy how much he has grown up this month. I can't believe we only have two more months with a baby. I'm not ready to be a toddler mom! Paxton has definitely gotten a little higher maintenance this month with the pulling up in bed and needing more attention, but he has more than made up for it with how fun he is. He loves playing with us and talking to us. He loves when we sing to him and read to him. I hope he grows up loving books. He is still such a happy and active baby. I really had no idea how much I would love him and how much joy he would bring. I love going in his room in the mornings or after his nap and he gets a huge smile and starts laughing because he's so happy to see me. I love when I'm sitting on the couch and he pulls up right next to me and tries to climb on the couch with me and just cracks up the whole time. I love how hard he tries (sometimes) to say "mama". I can see his little mouth trying to get it right. I love how much he loves his daddy and the special relationship they have. He climbs all over Jared and just cracks up when he gets tickled. I'm definitely going to miss this stage.

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