Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

He is pulling up on everything now
 Paxton had a pretty fun first New Years.  He definitely didn't make it to midnight...but I think he still had fun.  We went shopping on New Year's Eve and Paxton got some new shoes from Payless with some of his Christmas money.  Before the shoes, he wouldn't move his feet in a walking motion when he was held up by his arms, but as soon as he had the shoes on, he would walk everywhere. 
First New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year!
 We went to my mom's house on New Year's Eve night.  We had tons of delicious appetizers and played a game.  Paxton got some croissant rolls and puffs.  He was pretty fussy while we were there.  We left around 9:00 to get him home to bed.  When we got home, he wanted to play a little bit before bed, so we did.
 He loves his ball pit.  He sits in there and throws balls around trying to get them out.  If he gets one out, he crawls out after it.  I was kind of thinking that the ball pit would contain doesn't.  Fortunately it's air-filled plastic so even if he flips it on top of himself he's perfectly safe.
He loves climbing out of his ball pit

He loves balls

 He went to bed way before midnight...but at midnight we went in his room and whispered Happy New Year.  He slept through it. 
On New Years Day, Jared and I have a tradition of grilling steaks and making a fancy dinner (with black eyed peas of course) and eating by candlelight.  This year Paxton got to join in.  He got some mashed up black eyed peas, some fruit and oatmeal and some water with a splash of white grape juice.  He loved it.

 He has been obsessed with standing up lately.  He is always so proud of himself the whole time.  He got this toy for Christmas from Grandpa and he loves standing up to play with it.

I think he looks so big in this kind of pajamas
 We had Mexican food for lunch today and we let Paxton try a soft taco.  He loved it.  He ate all the lettuce first, then the beef and cheese and then threw the tortilla on the floor. 

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