Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yesterday was such a pretty day, so Paxton and I headed outside. Sticker is an outside kitty due to his history of peeing on furniture and in clean laundry so he and Pax have only observed each other through the window. I was really surprised when he approached Paxton.

Paxton wasn't hesitant at all. He reached right out and petted Sticker. After that, Sticker wouldn't leave his side.

Then Paxton wanted to go see Scarlett. He's a little unsure of grass so it took a little while for him to venture off the blanket.

Staying hydrated:

Then we played catch:

This morning we went back to lapsit at the library. We were going pretty regularly a few months ago but Pax would get overwhelmed with all the people and get fussy. We took a break and tried again today since he woke up early.

He did a little better. He loves the playtime at the beginning. He eats toys and looks around at the other kids, and today he even crawled over and stole a plastic bacon strip that a little boy was frying in a pan, but then he gets fussy during circle time. He was fussy again today but never went to all-out crying. He was the youngest one there, everyone else could walk so we'll probably try a different group next time.

When we came home, he had lots of pulling up to catch up on.

And lots to tell me.

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