Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Move

Paxton has gotten so fun lately.  He is really starting to notice his toys and try to play with them.  He thinks toys with squeakers are the funniest things ever.  This is making tummy time so much more fun for both of us:

 He has also started moving.  I don't think it's crawling by any means...and I really have no idea how he does it...for example, I put him in his crib yesterday while I was taking the trash out:

This is where he was when I came back eight minutes later:

Somehow he had gotten from the bottom of the crib all the way to the top...and rolled over...I couldn't believe how far he moved, especially in eight minutes!

He was so proud of himself when I went in to look at him:

He also is putting everything in his mouth:

 He's getting so big!

On Sunday, Paxton started throwing up.  I had just switched him to a different kind of formula and thought it probably had something to do with I switched him back.  It didn't work.  He threw up a few more times that day and just felt miserable.  Monday morning he woke up crying and threw up two more times.  I called the doctor.  They got us in that morning at 11:30 and Dr. Campbell said that it was a summer virus that was going around.  Paxton was the third one he had seen that morning.  Paxton had a 99.4 degree fever which wasn't bad.  Dr. Campbell said we needed to take him off formula and only feed him Pedialyte for 24 hours.  We also had to watch him closely for any signs of dehydration.  By that night, he was having diarrhea but he wasn't throwing up anymore.  He still didn't feel good.  Yesterday, he was pretty much back to normal.  I thought by keeping him out of day care we would be able to avoid a lot of these viruses...but I guess it's pretty hard to do.  We love having a pediatrician that will squeeze us in for things like that and help us fix Paxton. 

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