Friday, July 22, 2011


Well Paxton is four months old today!  I can't believe how fast this is going!  I am including some of the milestones from What to Expect When You're Expecting to see how Paxton measures up.
According to the book, "By four months your baby should be able to:

  • on stomach, lift head up to 90 degrees
  • laugh out loud
  •  follow an object...
...Will probably be able to:
  • hold head steady when upright
  •  on stomach, raise chest supported by arms
  •  grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers
  •  reach for an object...CHECK! (but impossible to get a picture of)
  • squeal in delight
 (terrible picture but squealing requires lots of movement)

...may possibly be able to:

  • keep head level with body when pulled to sitting
  •  roll over (one way)"

We are so proud of Paxton!  He's hitting his milestones right on schedule, and it's fun to see how he advances every month.  He is still loving to cuddle (he can go to sleep without being rocked but he sometimes fusses a little...he likes to be rocked), he still loves baths and watching TV or lights.  He has started noticing Scarlett and he likes watching her run around.  Granny V got him a new swing that he loves.  He is starting to get bored more easily and sometimes gets fussy if he's in his car seat for too long.  He definitely recognizes his mommy and daddy and looks for us when someone else is holding him.  He also always has a huge smile for Jared when he comes home from work...even if he's sleepy or hungry.  He's starting to wake up earlier...instead of waking up at 9:00 he gets up around 6:30.  I think he's getting ready for rice cereal to be full through the night.  He still sleeps 8-9 hours a night.  He is still in 3 month clothes but most are getting pretty tight.  3-6 month and 6 month clothes fit better and he has to wear 6 month pajamas because of his length.  I think he has dropped from the 90-95th percentile that he has been in, but we'll find out for sure next week when we get his shots.

Here are the pictures from his 4 month teddy bear shoot:

(after I uploaded these to facebook I realized he was wearing the same outfit he wore for his 3 month pictures)

Taking a little break to play


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