Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrapped Christmas Present

This whole not knowing if it's a boy or a girl thing is pretty rough.  It's weird to think that it already has all the parts that decide it....they're already formed and they're right inside's like carrying around a wrapped Christmas present.  I can't peek...and that is not easy.

We are starting with a new doctor tomorrow at Mercy and his receptionist said that we should be able to find out between 18 and 20 weeks which could be as early as next week!!  So I think we can make it that long.  It's hard to go look at all the baby stuff and not know which color schemes will work for us. 

We took a tour of the Mercy Birth Place on Saturday afternoon after a visit to Granny Pat.  I think it made Jared feel a lot better about everything.  The rooms are really nice and much bigger than we expected.  Mercy also has a rooming-in policy with the new babies so we were really excited about that.  The nurse that gave us the tour was great--he told us everything about the entire process from deciding if the contractions are real all the way to strapping the baby in the car and leaving.  It was really nice to hear...but a little TMI for me.  At one point he went over what happens if I lose too much blood during delivery....yeah I actually don't want to think about that at all. 

I guess our next step is picking a pediatrician....seems early to do that but I guess that's what people do. 

Meanwhile, Jared and I are enjoying our last fall as a family of two.  I keep telling Jared that this is his last chance to scream at Bob Stoops at the top of his least for a little while. 
 This year we have to settle for dressing these two up in OU clothes. 

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