Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boys Rule and Girls Drool, and Vice Versa

We are rapidly approaching the time frame of when we are able to find out if it’s a boy or girl.  I have no feeling of what it’s going to be.  Of course, gut instincts don’t matter because they come from your gut, and nothing good ever comes from that region. 

I was thinking about which I prefer.  So, I began thinking about what the pros and cons are.  Girls cause drama.  They need it. It starts very young, and around first grade they come home saying they are not Emily’s friend because Emily looked at her.  By 12 they are on Facebook declaring their love for some guy and by age 16 you have to be concerned that they may be dating a 21-year-old behind your back.

Boys are naughty.  By first grade they are pulling kids chairs out from underneath them and saying inappropriate words in class because they don’t know what it means.  By middle school they are either the boy stuffed in the locker, or the boys stuffing someone in the locker.  And at age 21 they are dating someone’s 16-year-old daughter.  (For those of you saying this doesn’t happen, it’s because your kids haven’t told you about it)

Girls are sweet.  At a young age they know how to nurture other when in need.  Typically a little girl’s smile has the capability to melt anyone’s heart at first glance.  A little girl is the perfect example of unconditional love, but the best thing about a girl is that she resembles her mother.

Boys are funny.  Right from the start they are situation inappropriate.  They are constantly getting dirty, causing trouble and making a comment that is either completely bizarre or bad enough to be wrong, but funny enough to force holding back laughter. 

I suppose they all even out, so it’s a coin flip for me.  


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