Thursday, April 13, 2017

Paxton is Six!

Six years ago my life changed. My precious, squishy baby was placed on my chest and immediately stopped crying and looked at me. Ever since then, we've been learning together. He teaches me patience, he showed me unconditional love and in return I teach him addition and that fart jokes are best left at home.

He makes me so proud! He is such a smart little boy. I was so impressed when he learned to read last summer and a week later he was reading entire books on his own and could spell any word you threw at him. He's so sweet. He doesn't like anyone to be sad or have their feelings hurt. He's selfless like his daddy. He's witty and loves attention. He's snuggly on his terms. He craves routine but loves when we surprise him with a random "sick day" or breakfast for dinner. He loves to write sweet notes and draw pictures for people. Skinny jeans and Legos are his favorite things and he absolutely loves doing his homework. He's a little perfectionist and gets frustrated if he can't do things the exact way he wants to. He asked to play soccer and plays with a great attitude but is a little lacking in the aggressive department.

He woke up on the morning of his 6th birthday to the traditional room filled with balloons. He couldn't wait til afternoon to open his presents so he opened them before school and left me with strict instructions to build his Playmobil ambulance before he got home from school. Jared stopped and got donuts for his class on the way to school and he was so excited to share them with everyone. When Jared dropped them off, his teacher told him that there was another little boy in his class, Jabari, that had the same birthday and they were going around telling everyone they were twins.

We asked him if he wanted to get picked up for lunch or if he wanted us to just bring him something. He said he didn't want to miss recess so Porter and Lincoln and I dropped him off a Chick-fil-a kid's meal.

We picked him up from school and he requested to go straight home to play. He was glad to see his ambulance was ready for him.

For his birthday dinner, he picked Arby's. Then we came home and he blew out the candles on his brownie after we sang happy birthday.

Saturday afternoon was his party! He requested a Toy Story theme and we made it happen.

He had the best time with his friends and cousins and loved being the center of attention.

After the party, a big water balloon broke out and everyone was wet!

Then he came home to play with his new presents!

I can't believe he's SIX!

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