Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our September

September is always a pretty great month with the cooler weather, pumpkins everywhere and football starting. This one was full but so fun!

Now that football season has started, you can find the boys decked out in crimson every Saturday. Paxton has shown some interest in the games this year and we have started explaining the basic principle to him. Porter just cares about lighting and blowing out the fall candles during the games.

Since Paxton (the picky eater) is at school during our Friday lunches with Jared, we have started branching out with our restaurant choices. One Friday, we went to our favorite sushi place and attempted to get Porter to try some. He chickened out at the last second but loved his teriyaki chicken and rice.

Porter has started soccer after asking to play for a solid year now. It is mostly a circus. His team has five little boys on it and aside from the boy who is the star of the team and scores all the points, they rotate between playing and being wild. Most of the time the other four are either hugging each other or refusing to play or just running aimlessly. Porter spent the vast majority of his most recent game engaged in a game of tag with a teammate.

Paxton had the Fun Run at school and he actually liked it this year! He ran the entire time and chalked up 24 laps. All the boys ran together and they wouldn't even slow down for the walking laps.

Lincoln turned five months old!

He is in one of my favorite stages right now. He is starting to play with toys and getting so close to sitting up on his own! He has had a few bites of food here and there but hasn't officially started solids yet. He loves to talk and he smiles all the time.

Paxton has also been doing Scouts with Jared. He's a Lion this year, it's the first year for the kindergarteners to get to participate so they are trying to find the balance between entertaining kids that young and getting them ready for Boy Scouts...he doesn't love it yet but we know he will once they start going hiking and camping and all that fun stuff!

Porter is still accessorizing with his favorite pink goggles.

Our best friends in Texas were having a birthday party for baby Breck the same weekend Jared's cousin was coming into town for the first time in years, so I decided to take the boys solo while Jared hung out at home for a Man Weekend. After Porter's game and breakfast, we loaded up the van and hit the road. We made it right in time for the party and had a blast!

After the party, we went to check into the hotel but had a little drama involving the credit card being missing from a certain little boy hiding it in the glove compartment...we thought I had left it at home and were going to have to try to make it home that night with only a half a tank of gas but I knew I had put it in my wallet! Finally I asked Paxton and he admitted that Porter had been playing with it while we were loading the car. We finally got into our room around 9 that night. I felt much better once everyone was showered and fed.

The next weekend, we hosted an adoption party for Teighynne and Mallory to celebrate the kids officially being theirs!!

The boys love to help me cook and bake so we decided to make some chocolate chip cookies with our secret family recipe.

Paxton and Lincoln love watching Porter's soccer games. Paxton was so excited that Porter was the one playing and he was the one sitting and eating snacks.

Lincoln fits in a t-shirt I have from when I was a baby and those big blue eyes and that bald head make him look a lot like I did.

We celebrated my birthday! Jared got me an Apple Watch and took the boys to pick out what they wanted to get me. Paxton had been talking about getting me a new candle for weeks. He sniffed every one before settling on a Caramel Latte one. Porter had his heart set on getting me a new bed, but settled on some bracelets to go with my watch.

We went to Louie's on the lake for lunch. It was 75 when we left, so a perfect day to sit outside by the water. However, during lunch, it quickly dropped to 65 and Paxton was wrapped in my nursing cover and Porter's lips were blue.

We met my family for dinner at Poblano Grill and it was Lincoln's first time to sit in a high chair! He only lasted about 5 minutes before he wanted to be held.

On Monday night, we met Granny V, Papa and Aunt Madi for dinner at Jo's Pizza. Paxton randomly asks to take pictures in front of signs sometimes and I always say yes.

And on Friday morning, Jared got a call from Paxton's school that they suspected he had pinkeye and needed to be picked up...he totally didn't have it, his eye never even turned red, his eyelid was just a little puffy from his cold/allergies, but it was nice to have him home! He got to come to Friday lunch and help clean the house up in the afternoon.

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