Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catching Up

I keep telling myself I need to get back on keeping this blog updated! It's basically the only way we can remember what we did for a certain holiday or when Paxton was however here's an epic catch up post of everything noteworthy that we have been doing. 

Paxton finished teeball with his his best game of the season. His last hit went all the way to the outfield which is quite annaccomplishment with the squishy balls they use! He also made a good stop in the field! It was so good for him to play on Coach Darrin's team (our neighbor from our old house) and he says he had fun but he's ready to take a little break and watch Porter play a sport while he eats snacks. Haha love him!
I know when the weather finally starts to cool off, I'll miss all our pool days! We went a ton this summer and it was awesome! Teighynne and Mallory and the kids moved to our neighborhood so we almost always had cousins to hang out with at the pool!
My two goals for Paxton this summer were for him to learn to swim and learn how to read and he accomplished both! He has been great swimming in his puddle jumper for a few years now, but at the beginning of the summer, he had never really swam without it. He can now swim from one side to the other completely on his own, or jump in and swim to the steps or wherever in the pool he wants to go. He can navigate the whole pool on his own! I'm so proud of my big boy!

We finally moved Porter out of his toddler bed and into a big bed. He picked out his own sheets and comforter and loves it so far! 
Taking evening neighborhood walks or walking to the park was our favorite way to try to burn off some energy so certain little boys would go to sleep! 
Jared lost his wedding ring on a work trip, so we picked him out a new one and ordered it. When it came in, we knew we had to try to make this one special so the boys and I left him a note to meet us at the chapel we got married at one evening. The boys thought it would be awesome to hide in the bushes and then surprise Daddy when he got there, but as soon as they saw his Jeep, they were jumping out and waving his ring at him. I don't think he was surprised. 
But we did get a cute family photo in front of the chapel. Seven years and one month later...I would do it again! We had dinner at Taco Bueno which was a perfect representation of our life right now and then headed home for some wedding cake cupcakes. It was not quite the same as the first time I gave Jared a wedding ring, but it was a sweet memory. 
At the end of July, Uncle Mason and Steasha had their baby, Georgia. Lincoln got to meet her, but Pax and Porter had runny noses so they had to stay behind. 
We ended most of our summer evenings at our neighborhood park and met a lot of neighbors! 
Porter was being quiet one morning and everyone knows that a quiet 3-year-old is dangerous. I went to find him and could smell the baby powder as soon as I walked into our room...he had found baby powder that I didn't even know we had and had spread it EVERYWHERE! It was in the toilet, in the tub, all over the cabinets and floor, and there were tiny white handprints on the walls and tiny white footprints walking into our closet. 
We have been enjoying our back yard and the amazing sunsets we can see over the pond behind our house. The boys have played in the sprinkler and the slip and slide a ton!
Lincoln had his 4 month check-up and was in the 65th percentile for height and only the 5th for weight so we are trying to bulk this guy up! 
Saturday breakfasts at Old School Bagel are Paxton's favorite. Porter always picks Johnnie's. 
One Saturday we met T&M and the kids at the playground at Lake Hefner. They had a blast!
Paxton came home from his second day of kindergarten with both pockets bulging. He immediately started emptying them on the table and showed us all of the playground rocks he had collected. The next day, I checked his backpack and found a stick, a leaf and more rocks. He's a collector. 
The boys love when Lincoln lays on the floor in the playroom and watches them play. They can't resist getting in his bubble. 
While Paxton is at school ALL DAY, I have these two to keep me company. They are both the cuddliest little boys and I love it so much. Now that Pax is officially in school, I know that these mornings snuggling with them on the couch in our jammies for way too long are the ones I'll miss the most. 
Another Saturday, we went to Martin Nature Park with the cousins. Everybody had a blast on the playground and hunting for huge turtles and fish in the water. 
Lincoln got to float in his floatie for the first time. He was mostly indifferent. He prefers warmer water. 
Porter misses his big brother while he's at school and isn't great at playing without him. We have filled his days with lots of arts and crafts and water play. 
He starts soccer this week so after he met his coaches last week, we took him to Dick's to pick out his supplies. Neither of us grew up playing soccer so shin guards and a size 3 ball were a little out of our league. Porter found a bright yellow ball and has been obsessed ever since. He kicked it around the back yard the first night until bedtime and now he sleeps with it every night. We'll sell this picture to the media when he's famous. 
Paxton finished his second full week of Kindergarten last Friday and it was spirit day. He got to wear his school t-shirt and jeans...his dream come true! He looked huge, so we had to document!
Brooks left early that day and it was our first family Friday lunch without Paxton. It was so sad! Jared and I both might have teared up a little when he got in the car and Paxton's seat was empty. We miss him so much! But, we decided it was a perfect opportunity for some sushi since those are not his favorite restaurants. Porter loved using the chopsticks and even considered trying some sushi. He chickened out at the last second but loved his teriyaki chicken and rice. 
We celebrated some exciting news with Teig and Mal and the kids that night with dinner at Red Robin and some park playing in the dark. 
Saturday was the first OU game and it kind of felt like fall outside! We ate breakfast at Panera and it was perfect weather to eat outside! 
We came home to watch the game and it was the first time for all three boys to be in their OU gear together and my first time to get a picture of all three smiling!!
On Monday we woke up to a super hot house and quickly realized that our AC wasn't working. Paxton had been asking for some Trader Joe's Apple sticks and it was too hot to stay home, so we made a quick trip to Tulsa. We shopped at Trader Joe's and had lunch and let the boys play and then we headed home. 
Back at home, Jared did some googling and was able to fix the AC himself!

Our little genius was happy it was finally cool enough inside to wear his favorite pants. 
On Saturday, Paxton and Porter were playing on the top of Uncle Mason's storm shelter and Porter jumped off and immediately collapsed onto the ground crying that his foot hurt. We watched him Sunday as he limped around and complained a little but he was still walking on it. Then Monday, he woke up and it was bruised on top and on the side and he was still limping and complaining so I took him to convenient care that night for a quick x-Ray. He was everyone's favorite guy that night. He was talking to everyone and just being so sweet and hilarious. We got so many compliments on how adorable he was. He did great at the x-ray and when the doctor came back and told us that it was just bruised, she offered him a sucker and he said "no thank you, but can I have an ahh stick please?" So she let him pick out his favorite tongue depressor. He ended up with a sucker too. 

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