Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleeping All Night

Paxton is officially sleeping through the night!  He has been for about two weeks now.  He eats around 9:00 then takes a bath and gets his pajamas on, then hangs out for a little while and goes to bed around 10:00.  The earliest he gets up is around 6:30...usually when he hears Jared's alarm go off for work.  Sometimes he sleeps until 9:00.  He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night ONCE since he started on this schedule.  I've heard it's rare for them to sleep that much this early...and I was a little worried about it a couple of one time when he went for almost twelve hours without I asked the pediatrician if it's ok for me to let him go that long and he said that it would happen so rarely that I shouldn't worry about it...except Paxton does it almost every night...

We had Paxton's TWO MONTH check-up on Monday and he's doing great!  He weighs 12 pounds 9 ounces and is 23 inches long.  He was in the 75th percentile for height, weight and head.   Here he is before his shots:

First the nurse gave him his oral vaccine which went really well.  She was impressed that he didn't waste a drop of it....what can I say...he's a good eater!  After that, things went straight downhill.  She had all three of his shots laid out and bandaids ready.  He was perfectly happy and smiling the whole time she was getting everything ready and sanitizing his leg...but as soon as that first little needle went in he started bawling.  It was terrible.  I just had to stand there, knowing there was nothing I could do for him as she gave him the next two.  They were just as bad.  As soon as she finished she told me I could pick him up.  He finally stopped crying as I held him.  Aside from the crying during the actual shots, the experience was fine.  He slept a ton the next day, but then was back to normal.

Sitting up like a big boy!
Of course now that he's two months old, we had to take his picture with his bear from Aunt Teighynne:

Take 1...we accidentally caught Daddy's hand...and a not-so-happy face

Take 2: he's kinda falling but he sure looks cute
And Take 3: An adorable smile...not looking at the camera but maybe we can work on that next month.

In the past week, Paxton has changed a lot.  He is so much more interactive.  He has been smiling for about a month now but lately he smiles every time we smile at him.  He also "talks" back when you talk to him.  He's in such a good mood when he wakes up in the morning (after he eats of course) and it's so fun to prop him up on my legs and just talk to him and watch him coo and squeal and grin.  Jared and I thought we would really miss newborn Paxton who slept all the time and looked so sweet swaddled and asleep...but two month old Paxton is our favorite so far. 

We are going to Tulsa for our anniversary next weekend.  We are staying for two nights and three days.  It's exciting to be getting ready for our first family vacation! 

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