Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paxton's First Easter and the Rest of Week 5

Last Sunday was Paxton's first Easter.  His feeding schedule worked out so that we were able to go to church for the Easter service. 

It was Paxton's first time at church and we were a little nervous about how he would do.  Luckily when we got there, we were able to sit in a special section in the back reserved for parents with little babies.  Paxton did great!  He slept through pretty much the whole thing.  He woke up a little for a few minutes during a loud part of the song service but went back to sleep immediately.

After church we went to Jared's grandma's house for a family Easter lunch.  Some of his family that was there hadn't met Paxton yet.  After lunch and some socializing we went home.

At almost 6 weeks Paxton is great at holding his head up.  When he is laying on his stomach, he can completely lift it up and look around.  It is a little wobbly when he is sitting up but his neck is definitely getting stronger.  He loves baths.  Even when he is fussy, a bath cheers him up immediately.  He loves kicking in the water and looking at the baby in the mirror.  He isn't really socially smiling yet, but he is making some expressions that are close.  It won't be long now.  He loves the bee mobile above his crib.  It's another thing that makes him happy when he's fussy.  He is wearing 0-3 month clothes and has pretty much grown out of all his newborn outfits.  He started wearing 3 months a few days ago, some are a little big still but most fit him.

 Family Picture

In this picture his hair looks red!  Jared had red hair when he was little and I was excited about the idea of having a little red head.  It looks like it might happen!

I think today he has hit the dreaded six week growth spurt.  He has been fussy all morning and nothing makes him stop except eating.  Hopefully he gets past it quickly because tomorrow I will be on my own with him and if it's like today, I'm not sure it will be a great day.  I also have my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and it would be amazing if he would just sleep through it.  But, even if he's fussy, he's still the cutest little baby ever.

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  1. Stop with the cuteness! Seriously... this baby! Can he get any cuter?!